Majority of my Facebook Suggestions
Note: Most suggestions were submitted to the Facebook Support Inbox and some suggestions may of had screenshots/links attached to them. In addition, feedback sent would of been identified by topic, therefore some suggestions may not make complete sense from an initial view.

Also note that suggestions #318 to #554 are previews of the feedback submitted. Furthermore, around 200 updates were posted to Facebook before 2013 and from 2013 upwards, around 200 updates have not been included below. In all I've posted over 1100 pieces of feedback to Facebook. Please note that posts from #555 will be in full context. Where "Note: " means notes on reflection after submitting feedback.

Suggestion #610
Get up to date: View all my feedback and correct platform issues immediately. Usually your team is good at doing this, but sometimes, I have to nudge you like this. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #609
Saved: Settings, when clicking the button and if scrolled down the page, then it doesn't automatically scroll up to the settings, user has to manually scroll up to see the settings. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #608
Children Safety: To be able to enforce a safety badge when user aged 18+ who is visiting a profile under the age of 16 for example or if the user is 19 and wants the badge to show. As age can not be indicated sometimes or hidden for privacy, the profile viewer can instead be shown a safety badge, which implies they are below an age threshold and also implies to be sensible. It is a problem and if the network does not provide safety measures automatically for the things it can do, then facebook will be responsible. As more and more people search and browse for people, facebook need to provide the basics to protect our children.

Suggestion #607
App: Windows Phone App being discontinued. Maybe you should do what proper developers would do and make one app experience for the 38% windows market share and use the - and make just one app for the entire Windows experience, no messenger nonsense, one experience, one place. Because if this is really about market share, then Windows still leads in the entire computing market. They may well be a small 5% market in phones, but many millions rely on your app. What does this mean for messenger? Just so much uncertainty?!!! For what?!

Suggestion #606
APP: Messenger: Unable to sign into Messenger via Windows Phone. Using 2AUTH and typing in code and returns saying wrong password.

Suggestion #605
Adverts: Boosting, when doing a couple of adverts recently and clicking submit, it fired back an error, however when closing the booster mode, the advert was submitted. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #604
Ad system (authorisation) unable to receive an email to verify my email address on the 2nd step process. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #603
Please refer to how my photos are not ordered by folder date, which I initially set and are shown, like the following: go to I have 2013 and 2009 posts after 2019 posts. - Thanks, Sunny. Note: Still not fixed

Suggestion #602
Albums not ordering to date. Refer to my profile, iDriveLife and I've added 10+ albums with date and some have ordered, but not all. Please also note, all albums are only visible to me. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #601
I've created many Albums today and set the date on them for e.g. 2005, 2006, 2018, etc, however, when viewing "Your Photos" from my profile, it doesn't put the photos in order of year, when it should, they are in a random order. I've managed to move the date of some albums, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 to a new date from the post it makes on my wall, but not the other albums, therefore it is all out of date for 2005 to 2014 individual albums. Please can you fix this major issue. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #600
On Chrome: Live is not working. Please do an immediate fix. On record, after a few seconds, the video frame disappears. Thanks. Note: Appears screen resolution affected it

Suggestion #599
Unable to reposition cover, however if use slideshow to reposition, no option to save it. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #598
Refer to screenshot to see how scroll bar is showing up at the bottom, this maybe due to a progressing page, as did not notice it before. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #597
After deleting a post on windows phone and then disconnecting the internet whilst on app and then closing the app, then returning to the app on internet, the post shows up again unless you manually refresh the page by scrolling force the top of the page.

Suggestion #596
Adverts: over all the years of using the advert system and doing a day advert, when submitting the timer goes out of date and unable to submit, therefore address and solve this issue, maybe by including the 1 day option on date select. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #595
Advert system is a bit patchy and over complicated yet again, please simplify and address all issues and concerns to make the experience easier again. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #594
My intro isn't included on windows mobile app on profile load.

Suggestion #593
For desktop, spacing between paragraphs is not as good as mobile. Ty, SC

Suggestion #592
Unable to add my genuine email address. Please refer to screenshot. Please update immediately as needed for project/work Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #591
Saved: When saving a post, then adding it to a collection, you need to be able to select multiple collections, for example, a post I save may want to go in my Work Collection and my My Favourite Posts Collection, therefore unable to do so at the minute, from the point of save. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #590
To be able to post and save to an existing/related collection you want it in. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #589
When clicking on a photo and then selecting the options, it says "I don't like this photo" as an option, why would you include this option, is the report feature not good enough or should it not stem from the report menu. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #588
Saved: Search - The search does not work and needs to bring back results. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #587
I might be able to control how people view my profile, likes etc through a signed in process, but I can't control how people view my profile on a signed out view (e.g. potential employer). For example, see how my profile shows items, it assumes are my favourites, when some things might not be, therefore I need the option to control which ones it shows in this view. Refer to the screenshot, for example, Chamillionare isn't my favourite artist, but I do like him as a music artist. Please provide an update for this, which affects all users on the network. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #586
I might be able to control how people view my profile through a signed in process, but I can't control how people view my profile in a signed out view. For example, see how my profile shows items, which I may want to show more than others, doesn't allow me to do so or control what people see, referring to the screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #585
Unble to video call

Suggestion #584
When updating my status with a link and then removing the photo of the link and just keeping the title link, (on my profile), it doesn't remove the photo on post. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #583
Why are the statuses boxes where you write a status different from profile to news feed, you end up having to flick between the two to find for example milestones, which isn't showing up on news feed. Plus why can't I backdate a status? Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #582
Profile Picture: If your argument is that the mobile version or app version should be slimmed down in features, because mobile doesn't cater the space for it (which is a lie), then why would you include additional features in mobile (for example iPhone or Android), when you don't include features such as, Make Profile Photo as Video on desktop, which should house all of the features the service provides, the platform (desktop), which came before the app experience. I shouldn't be disqualified for being a desktop user or Windows Phone user. Please discuss this with your team, regards to my feedback. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #581
I think it's cool how you can add milestones for expressing where you've gone in the world, but for example, if you've been many places and you want to just add them, but don't want to add the years to when you went (a status/milestone), you simply can't. Therefore, it'd be good if you could have a world map on your profile, like you have the videos, pictures, etc columns, where you can pin on the map where you've been, where you'd like to go (good for friends to see or even employers), which allows you to develop or express more character to what is available. You may post a status, such as I'd like to go so and so, but that post is then pushed down the list and usually forgotten, but only you remember. You could later on then go to pin statuses relating to countries you've pinned on your map, to show a story about your relation to that country. I look forward for us to be able to use this improved way of expressing where we've been and want to go. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #580
Saved: Collections: To be able to view a collection by filters "1. By date saved and 2. By original post date." Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #579
Saving - To be able to 1. Make a collection public, 2. To be able to view a collection of posts in a more visual view (of the original post), because what's the point of saving it, if you don't see the original post you are saving. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #578
I've come across a post which had a link attached to it, but now it is not there. Can you check the post please: - Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #577
Refer to screenshot how scrollbars make presentation an issue

Suggestion #576
When uploading a GIF, then allow to go fullscreen like you can with pictures. Thanks, Mr A Claire - Refer to example...

Suggestion #575
When checking my facebook a few days ago, it added an app called "Send or Request Money" which doesn't work. Why did this happen?

Suggestion #574
Major problem: When going on my mobile browser, the browser is crashing instantly, however doesn't occur on any other websites. It has been happening for the last week and think it's unacceptable that the website is preventing me from using it. Ty, Sunny.

Suggestion #573
I would simply like the ability to choose whether to allow or not allow comments on a post. Provide the tick box for comments on automatically. As some statuses may not want to encourage comments, but to get the message out there. This is a problem for all users. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #572
When listening to a voice note sent to me, I'm simply unable to seek a position in the voice note. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #571
Please discuss this feedback with your team today: "Oh yeah, by the way, what do you think to how you should get your notifications in facebook for the order of how you get your notifications. From the first notification (usually the last one in the list), on facebook for example, or have it the way it is, but scroll to the first (usually the last notification in the list). Because when you check your notifications, you usually see the latest notification first, not the first one. Your opinion would be really appreciated Sarah and I hope you don't mind me abstracting this piece of feedback. I just thought about it and wondered what you thought too. As you know, you can get like more than 10 notifications by the next time you login and you have to manually scroll down to it and it doesn't emphasise the order of likes from maybe a friend, which I think can be improved. I also think a filter search can help you search through your history of notifications too, if you choose to, because I think it can be a messy place, for all platforms without much logical structure. I'm going to echo this feedback to facebook, because I'm very sure they've thought long and hard about it X" - As expressed to my friend on facebook through messenger today. - I hope this feedback helps and that it is time to give people timeline technology in their notifications, Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #570
Security: I occasionally remove any devices logged in, however today noticed a new entry from 2016, which hasn't been there ever: Facebook for Windows Phone · Unknown location Facebook integration for Facebook for Windows Phone · August 18, 2016 --- Please may you look into this matter regards to my account: iDriveLife --- Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #569
Facebook Watch: when viewing content in the Watch News Feed stream, it doesn't show the date of published for each video, unless I click into the video and exit the Facebook Watch experience. Thanks, Sunny!

Suggestion #568
URGENT --- Please discuss immediately with your team: When someone who is depressed, posts an emotional/upsetting post, then the person posting it, doesn't just feel the affects of the post, but the people subject to the post feel the affects of it. For example, I made a friend really sad with a post and feel to blame partly. Therefore: SOLUTION: to allow the poster of the status, to put an advisory (emotional) or tag it as "Emotional", to enforce the reader, before they've read it, that it's going to be an emotional post before reading it, allowing them to 1. Dodge the post if it might make them upset, 2. Allow them to understand your post without reading it or 3. To be more sympathetic to both the poster and the reader. --- An amber dot symbol can be used to indicate the post sensitivity. This is vital and no research is needed, but common sense. Please discuss this with your team today for immediate worldwide deployment. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #567
When on a page and hovering over the "Visitors Posts" It disabled the page from scrolling down, unless you move the mouse to a different location. Why is this? Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #566
To be able to access "More" in the scroll down drop menu as you scroll down the page for quicker access to this vital menu. It will inevitably improve navigation speed. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #565
News feed jumping up and down: URGENT --- When an active busy post is being commented on and you scroll down to the next post, the previous busy post, makes the page bounce up and down, when trying to focus and read the next status. Please note: Last comment of busy post in view, as reading the next post. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #564
When on the Virgin Startup page today and writing in the text box, it prevented me from scrolling in it when writing more..

Suggestion #563
Updating status: When uploading photos from a zip via Drag and Drop, it doesn't allow me to do so. Therefore, you need to manage how you fetch from temporary storage, in order to upload properly. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #562
This feature doesn't provide me with the ability to add a series of links, only allows me to add individual URL's - if you're writing about anything, to be able to reference using a fetch feature, URL Meta Data. To improve presentation and to imply the story isn't just about one link. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #561
Facebook Watch, is malfunctioning today, with the first 6 posts totally irrelevant and disturbing. Please check my account via iDriveLife usually it works fab!

Suggestion #560
It's just a joke for everything the platform stands for, where I've embedded a video on my portfolio, where videos don't play, to potential employers who may be interested in me. - refer to screenshot. This has happened in the past and now again, I will find other more stable platforms to upload my videos to when sharing them on my website if you don't address and fix this problem once and for all.Thanks, Sunny.
Note: Slightly sensitive and not how I would of like to of addressed it, but got to the point and said thank you.

Suggestion #559
Imperfection regards to the status box. Refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #558
To be able to plan my future on facebook via a yearly planner, which can be visible through privacy to show to say for example, an employer or even your mum, to show how much determination you have to lead a great life ahead. (explaining this further... 1. To be able to post ahead of time on your wall, like as a target, aim to do charitable work in 2020 or aim to work at facebook by 2100. 2. To be able to sift through these targets, making it a tab, like photo/video, which presents these statuses/targets. 3. To call the feature "Facebook Ahead" ) Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #557
Whilst editing a post on my wall, I can not reference other posts at the same time, as it goes into full screen view edit, and if for example, I want to abstract something or check another post on my wall whilst I'm editing it, I should be able to and in the past that used to be the way. 1. To provide option to click into the background and then show a tab for the edit in action, allowing you to see that you are still editing that status, but allow you to continue to access information from your wall. 2. Deploy for Pages and also Groups and other technologies. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #556
Feedback; Work; Facebook; Notifications; Opinions; Social Media; Puzzle; Share Q. What do you think to the notification experience on facebook, in regards to the order you get your notifications? (say you come back to 10 or more notifications) Would you prefer to see the oldest new notification first? maybe by it automatically scrolling down to it in the list? Emphasising the order of interaction from friends, because usually, you'd interact with the latest new notifications, not the oldest new notification. Right now, there is not much order in how you get new notifications and you more than likely will read notifications in random orders until you are up to date with them.. This is what I call using social media constructively for work purposes. If I notice an opportunity to improve the way we navigate, then I will deliver my feedback. Your feedback will be appreciated Facebook and I welcome anyone else to add their opinions. Thanks, Sunny. As submitted to Facebook on the 20/02/2019


Suggestion #555
To be able to see the reacting options when liking, loving, etc on a post, which will 1. Make it easier to select other options and 2. Resolve the issue which makes the react button sticky/dysfunctional on mobile/tablet/touchscreens. Refer to the screenshot. Thank, Sunny.

Suggestion #554
On the main page, where groups are shown, it shows a post of the group associated with the page, where the formatting of the post doesn't hold

Suggestion #553
My page was verified, however I changed the name of the page today and the verified icon has gone. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #552
Security: When signing in through mobile over the last 10 times over the last couple of weeks, the code is not being sent and I have to click the having…

Suggestion #551
Posts: Like, Comment and Share button look a bit out of place. As of 23/01/2018. Thanks,

Suggestion #550
Page doesn't scroll during event: Via Edge - Show Tips > Hide Tip, return to page, unable to scroll, thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #549
In 'About' section on page load in the right hand column, update to show Mission statement there too. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #548
Hovercards aren't presented good enough when you for example, share a page, the page preview height of the cover is not high enough. There's no…

Suggestion #547
Surveys: When landing on my page today, I clicked on the 'Take Survey' button, however was not returned to my previous location: my page, I was…

Suggestion #546
Comments not completely showing, text falls off: refer to…

Suggestion #545
News feed is crashing recently, when I exceed a number of stories. Tested via Edge desktop. More than likely a scripting error. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #544
I would like the option to choose whether to show 'People also like pages' or not, but of course keep 'Pages liked by this page'. The other pages…

Suggestion #543
Sharing: Doesn't look too great in terms of presentation, please make sure the content being shared is in a better format. Refer to…

Suggestion #542
Right hand column (trending): When scrolling down the page quite a bit, then seeing the trending, on click: View More, it then hides the Trending…

Suggestion #541
360 degrees photos/videos - unable to use touchscreen to move them, e.g. via a surface. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #540
comments: to be able to pin a comment to the top. e.g live video, may pin a question to the top of the live status.

Suggestion #539
I had shared a post from Facebook, like an Event type milestone, which did have an image representing it (Facebook template), now it's no longer…

Suggestion #538
Refer to link: Photo as a status where padding is not given on the left hand side. However, if you did this as a wide image for future uploads, it'd look pretty…

Suggestion #537
When you set your profile picture as a video profile pic, when a user clicks your photo, the next image (profile photo) isn't displayed, but instead, my wall…

Suggestion #536
ADVERTS: Video Adverts: When it loads, it prevents you as the user to like/interact with the original post and what you will find is that users will just…

Suggestion #535
Slideshow Covers: Enable automatic play of slideshow please. Thanks, Sunny.


Suggestion #534
Refer to screenshot and see how where it says NEW (Notifications), the presentation of it isn't great, for desktop, requires some padding. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #533
After watching a video and letting it play other videos from my profile, the back button inside in the video player (new format), doesn't work. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #532
Activity Log Search: When searching for posts where I've mentioned Facebook, it shows all of my posts, not posts with the context 'Facebook' in them.…

Suggestion #531
All posts and comments: Unable to view Emotions: Like, Love, Surprised, etc... when on the Surface (touchscreen) or on mobile (touchscreen), when…

Suggestion #530
I uploaded a video which only had photos of me in them, as I created a slideshow and it had no audio, but after changing it to public, it didn't stick and…

Suggestion #529
There's a serious issue with videos which contain copyrighted music, for example, I made a video earlier which had copyrighted music in it amongst a…

Suggestion #528
When you go to your Photo Albums, you see the folders "Timeline Photos" and the folder "Mobile Uploads"... Surely these two folders need to be…

Suggestion #527
Pages: Unable to upload video successfully in Edge, please ensure it works successfully in Edge. The upload video just doesn't publish. Thanks,…

Suggestion #526
Unable to chat whilst editing a note. For example I'm talking to a friend about Note edits and I have to then switch back and forth through tabs, just to be…

Suggestion #525
Cover Photo stays fixed, therefore content is difficult to see: 1. Go to…

Suggestion #524
When viewing a video (in the new fullscreen mode - refer to screenshot) 1. The back button needs to be more obvious, as you more than likely want to…

Suggestion #523
When attempting to message a page, i'm unable to message as page, therefore when you land on a page, you want to ensure you can 1. Act as page, then d…

Suggestion #522
When you're reading a status, some simple grammar or spelling errors can be annoying, therefore could you implement a 'suggest edit feature' for…

Suggestion #521
Notes: to be able to pin a note. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #520
Unable to video or voice call... What's the point in a windows dedicated messenger app if I can't do the basics

Suggestion #519
When writing a message, especially in Full Screen mode (messages), I should be able to define in (Settings - within messages), that I can or can't use Enter t…

Suggestion #518
"About" description should be visible on page, (right column) to express what the page is about. There's no other way besides navigating to the about tab, …

Suggestion #517
Pages people also like should be last, especially before Pages liked by this page. Refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #516
If you can help the way people post, then they are more likely to post positive things and things they want to keep on their wall. If you can make the status…

Suggestion #515
To be able to view how many posts I or another user has. I think that it provides justification to a user. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #514
Rooms: Facebook need to provide an area to it's users to discuss things about "Politics" or other subjects, rather than having rants on their…

Suggestion #513
When selecting "Message Requests" then going off to do other things on the network, then returning to view messages, it appears I have no message…

Suggestion #512
As Facebook allows users to sell things in Groups and Pages, it makes sense to make it easier for users of Facebook to sell things, by including th…

Suggestion #511
Header: When clicking my name, it sometimes doesn't load my profile, but takes me to News Feed instead. I've noticed this on previous accounts.…

Suggestion #510
When liking, I want it to be super responsive, regardless of connection or computer specs. Scripts usually slow processes of a website down, therefo…

Suggestion #509
Notes on Page doesn't look presentable and formatting of the note is all over the place, refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #508
Notes: doesn't maintain presenational formatting such as title bold, sub title bold and italics, on share, refer to…

Suggestion #507
For commenting on a status as a comment: As you can insert an emoji, post a sticker, you should also be able to post a Gif. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #506
Refer to overlay of features on post, in the screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #505
Two videos playing at the same time is a nuisance, even if it is user conflicted and we all go there at some point. Therefore you need to ensure you use…

Suggestion #504
For the last couple of videos I've tried to watch Live, from Mark Zuckerberg, they've not loaded any content, using Edge, however people seem to be…

Suggestion #503
Facebook automatically signed me, when I didn't initiate this task.

Suggestion #502
When you set your page button, for example to "Message", then try and edit the button to change it to something else, hovering near the edit icon (t…

Suggestion #501
If you go from News Feed to another page, but then go back to the News Feed, you'd expect to see the previous point you was at before. This works on…

Suggestion #500
For the inbox, it makes no sense whatsoever to have your notifications in there too, segregate them properly, because when it says 1 in my…

Suggestion #499
When a page posts a video to your news feed and the advert runs, after the video has initially played, the buttons and post become inactive, greyed out,…

Suggestion #498
When sharing the post 1 on my profile from my page, the text is somewhat small,…

Suggestion #497
When seeing a post on Desktop, allow user to "Share Now" after clicking share. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #496
When viewing Pages hovercard previews, it doesn't justify the presentation of it, for example, the photo cover is unbearably visible, providing…

Suggestion #495
When I comment on a stauts, for example from a page, then it would be good if I could share my comment, in relation to that page's status, highlighting…

Suggestion #494
Adverts: when I'm on my page and I go to Create Ad, it takes me to make a campaign on Advert Manager, however seems over complicated, when really, I…

Suggestion #493
To develop a new feature called "My Posts" where you can search through your posts, see it in timeline view and do lots of other cool stuff with your hug…

Suggestion #492
Unable to see Photo Cover on my page on page load when signed in and out.

Suggestion #491
Presentation issue, refer to screenshot

Suggestion #490
URGENT --- To be able to switch cameras on video calling. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #489
URGENT --- On popup chat, the settings icon doesn't do anything. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #488
When you upload a photo and you view it on mobile, you should be able to Set View Position of the photo, as it's default to center, sometimes cutting a bit…

Suggestion #487
Menu, next to log out button, which says "Create a new Facebook account" shouldn't be there really. It's a design error. Please don't over complicate the…

Suggestion #486
Unable to drag and drop files to upload from file browser to web browser, due to "status backdrop dark mode" maybe. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #485
Sharing: To be able to share a friends post (audience: friends only), even if it's set to only that friends audience, I shall still be able to share it. Thanks,…

Suggestion #484
I'm getting notifications to say my pages have had new likes, when they haven't and when Id new likes, when they haven't and when I view them, it doesn't show an increase in likes and only…

Suggestion #483
When messaging a page on mobile, to be able to send from page, not only profile.

Suggestion #482
When clicking Richard Bransons link from his Facebook page, it takes you to his website, but not in a new window, therefore navigating you away from…

Suggestion #481
For Groups, if you pin a new post (it asks you, are you sure, because you have a previously pinned post) The same should also occur for pages.…

Suggestion #480
When watching a video on News Feed and then scrolling down using Microsoft Edge, it blinks in the position demonstrated in the screenshot, however…

Suggestion #479
Desktop: Share Now: Please reintroduce this feature back into the browser version of desktop. You should have statistics on how many people…

Suggestion #478
The Save feature: Read feedback at story_fbid=368262803604567&id;=100012625501765&_rdr#!…

Suggestion #477
This morning, i had a notification for a live event happening on Microsoft's career page, however the notification is no longer in my list. Over the last few…

Suggestion #476
Adverts, default set to India - how why I live in the uk? Ref screenshot

Suggestion #475
When viewing a #Tag and clicking it, on load, show as usual, plus a tab across the top associated to things like Pages, People, Groups etc... For…

Suggestion #474
To be able to search a setting, there's so many things in a Page now. It makes sense to search settings, like you can on Windows. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #473
When viewing All Pages link from the main menu button, it only shows 4/5 of my pages, not all of them, particularly "Love, Strength & Power". As the…

Suggestion #472
Statuses: After you've read a status, there should be a fixed footer bar at the bottom of the web page, showing buttons for 1. Next Story 2. Return to Page …

Suggestion #471
When liking a status on the mobile browser, on press, trigger all the options (the pop up emotions menu), and then focus on like � if no other…

Suggestion #470
For pages with video entry, in Microsoft Edge, the video cover stays in a fixed position, making reading the posts, extremely difficult. Thanks,…

Suggestion #469
Ticker and Page Preview - refer to how page previews are too large now and are difficult to pin point the like button for that page. You have to probably…

Suggestion #468
Please move "Like as page" as shown in the screenshot to the Like button. For example, when you hover over the like button, show "Like as page" or even…

Suggestion #467
Sharing: When i shared now, it would share the status of the page with the link, however when i Write post share, it doesn't hold the status of the page, no…

Suggestion #466
When playing a video and scrolling through News Feed, the video is presented over the navigational links in the left pane, when really, it should be…

Suggestion #465
When a video is playing in the background and I press my windows key, the focus is not on the video all of a sudden and the video pauses, until m…

Suggestion #464
Developer: When you add a number of posts using the dev tools to a page, like I've done on my website/portfolio via the link I've included, shows how the…

Suggestion #463
I'm able to view this new feature breifly, however I'm unable to make my own story or interact with my friends story. What's the purpose of this… SUBMITTED

Suggestion #462
To be able to filter posts from my profile. For example, include a search box above my posts on my profile, so I can filter through specific types of post…

Suggestion #461
When viewing a status and seeing who has liked it, it shows the following, someone has liked it but it doesn't show who. Refer to screenshot. Thanks,…

Suggestion #460
To be able to search for posts I've posted, on mobile browser. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #459
When reading a status with a colour background, it shows the text twice from all friends, unless i click the status, then it only shows the text in the status…

Suggestion #458
Facebook Suicide Prevention: When a user posts a suicidal post, don't provide the Samaritans number, as it can startle one and make them feel confused…

Suggestion #457
On sign in, show latest message preview at the top of News Feed, on mobile and maybe on desktop too, with option to quick open. Thanks, Sunny

Suggestion #456
See my latest two posts involving Tim Cook, in regards to how they share differently, mobile vs desktop. When i share on mobile, using Write post, it…

Suggestion #455
If overlaying likes, comments and shares, shows like the screenshot, then align fields to the left, to maintain presentation. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #454
On Windows Mobile and maybe other mobiles, in order to select other emotions for a post, this is what we have to compete with every time. Solution is to…

Suggestion #453
Under my Bio, for desktop, it gives me the option to show which pages i manage, however on mobile, it doesn't show them. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #452
Please allow videos to play in page, rather than a new tab (mobile browsers). Plus as i can view 360 photos in the browser, please also ensure this occurs…

Suggestion #451
Unable to read my message from LinkedIn, refer to screenshot. Text falls off page and unable to scroll to it. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #450
Enable the option to remind yourself about a status you post, in the future. Posts are easily posted and soon forgotten. Also allow this option on post…

Suggestion #449
It appears that Facebook have a maintenance issue for the Windows Apps and for iOS and Android, they get the cool features like video calling and i…

Suggestion #448
Share Now feature not present on desktop mode today. Please maintain, Share Now and Write Post. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #447
When searching and switching field to Posts, it is not responsive at all. Make it feel like it is loading. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #446
Option to reverse deleted posts using a security check (phone validator), please. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #445
Unable to see link preview for over two years now. Refer to screenshot, thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #444
For TV Programme Pages, provide a new tab, so they can upload their schedule into it, so users know when to tune in. This database can then be used to…

Suggestion #443
When a post explains "Join us tomorrow..", it'd be good to request to be reminded about that post in X time, as it is easy to forget some of the calls…

Suggestion #442
Suggested Pages on like, to recognise after liking a post, if 1. User scrolls after liking a post, then don't show suggested pages or 2. If user doesn't scroll aft…

Suggestion #441
Refer to screenshot, when in this view, unable to hold down Like button for multiple emotions. Only Like emotion possible. However is possibl…

Suggestion #440
The following person was physically added by myself, therefore I'm not sure what has happened to my account here. Thanks, Sunny.…

Suggestion #439
The page which i had liked a while back, showed that i hadn't liked it, when of course i do and did. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #438
Posts can easily be posted and easily forgotten, therefore you should program the AI architecture to recognise things like, "I'm going to...", "i would like to...…

Suggestion #437
Old issue previously addressed and now reoccurring: When liking a page post and scrolling to the next, suggested pages show up, phasing the user.…

Suggestion #436
Provide a drop down box in News Feed to switch between All, Friends, Pages, Groups, App, Etc (posts)... This will help people see the certain types of…

Suggestion #435
Ensure videos play in page on mobile browser, not in a seperate/new window. Thanks.

Suggestion #434
Please enable video calling as this basic feature is not available in Edge.

Suggestion #433
Windows messenger App, voice or video option nor available.

Suggestion #432
Link previews not showing up on News Feed on Android and Windows. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #431
Mobile - unable to @add page tag from selection in post. Reoccurring for some years. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #430
Adverts, option to create post from promote on mobile

Suggestion #429
When updating on profile or page, it doesn't push the status, unless i refresh the page. This is a new fault. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #428
Provide filters before typing, drop down select box above the search box, allowing the user to control what they see, before they search, resulting in 1.…

Suggestion #427
Album size used to be 42, now 50, needs to be infinite. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #426
Chat showing active friends when i don't have any friends. Refer to screenshot, thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #425
The photos section, not the featured photos, show outdated images, not the latest, when they should.

Suggestion #424
Please remove Edit icons on photos for profile, so the profile owner can appreciate their profile and add update photos icon beneath somewhere. Thanks,…

Suggestion #423
To be able to go to a status, add new information as a mini status in a status, providing updates to that particular status. Once doing that, users involved i…

Suggestion #422
Please review this menu in chat: 5 negative buttons - please simply and remove "Turn off chat for X.". Refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #421
When editing a status on my wall, it would not add a facebook page preview to it. Just kept pressing save and it wouldn't save. Desktop - Edge. Plus, i…

Suggestion #420
Profile Picture: Why give someone the ability to have a video Profile Picture because they have an IOS device, but not give the same feature to people who u…

Suggestion #419
Posts: When someone expresses a friend dying, 1. Like - You don't like it (maybe you like the respect of words), 2. Love - Again the same, 3. Laugh - Yo…

Suggestion #418
For Instagram notification updates, open in a new tab please, ensuring Facebook remains open. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #417
When you update your status, if can appear on someones feed, they may begin writing and if for example, I delete that status, the person still thinks the po…

Suggestion #416
Mobile browser windows, unable to write status in box for over a year now from profile, have previously expressed this. Am I being hacked? Thanks,…

Suggestion #415
When viewing photos (on focus) and clicking the share button, it doesn't show the quick menu which you use in News Feed. Thanks, Sunny. (Desktop)

Suggestion #414
No view as public option on mobile

Suggestion #413
Refer to screenshot and please resolve this issue which has happened for the last two days. The same friend showing up twice in messages.

Suggestion #412
An old notification shown, when i clearly seen it and the red number appeared again, after sometime.

Suggestion #411
Download Archive Facebook Data via settings on mobile in desktop mode, but when switching back to mobile mode and receiving link to download,…

Suggestion #410
After searching on mobile through the page filter and then pressing the main menu icon, it shows the menu as followed, screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #409
Unable to write, unless on homepage writing box, not groups, profile etc... Annoying. Mobile browser.

Suggestion #408
When loading a page on mobile, it loads segment by segment, until it loads the posts zone once pushing it up. This may be due to lowering bandwidt…

Suggestion #407
Refer to how the screenshot shows the camera images over the profile picture & cover, you could do creating a drop down menu on the side, so you…

Suggestion #406
Browser - unable to paste link into preview on mobile - edge tested. This problem has been apparent for some years, thanks Sunny.

Suggestion #405
When clicking filitered messages, it doesn't load anything. Button is not working. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #404
Embedded into my website - view Media > Minecraft video > it will not go into full screen, tested in Edge, due to may…

Suggestion #403
SAVED - turn into a drop down menu Save is easily used, but not easily accessed. Thanks, Sunny. (

Suggestion #402
Delete all, tick box option select all, deselect ones to keep.

Suggestion #401
When you comment on a status, using a photo, you want to be able to attach a photo/video which you may of already uploaded to your profile/uploads. Plea…

Suggestion #400
scrollbar to see more contacts not working - desktop - edge.

Suggestion #399
Why would you be able to do emotions for a post, but not comments, it doesn't make sense. Please deploy this option and contribute to this…

Suggestion #398
Emoji: To be able to search type at top, like stickers. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #397
Build in option to use things like "�" to select from a quick menu whilst writing a status as not all devices are supported and users have to search it and co…

Suggestion #396
Unable to post on profile page, browser windows phone - hack.. Been like this for over a year or so now.

Suggestion #395
Delete all messages option please

Suggestion #394
Provide a Dual MIC option (1. to record to text 2. record as audio) Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #393
Desktop Navigation: Rename Home to My Home... The homepage is a reflection of my interests and everything Facebook has to offer and this will help set…

Suggestion #392
Like you can delete your text messages in one go on your phone, you should also be able to do the same with your Facebook inbox. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #391
Allow users to have a to do list, bring Events/Calendar to the forefront of Facebook and allow users to start managing their life, from the heart of…

Suggestion #390
Provide the option to delete all notifications. For example if a user wants a clean start, rather than deactivating and creating a new account, this i…

Suggestion #389
For posts, especially on desktop, it needs updating to the format, where you have the 5 emotions on display (like, love etc), which will encourage…

Suggestion #388
If you plan on taking Video by storm this year, then you need to implement the little things like Voice statuses, which will in turn encourage more video…

Suggestion #387
See sponsored message on right pane, shows up sometimes, well a fraction of it at the bottom. Refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #386
How many times do I have to report this problem: Please refer to screenshot and sort the last contact out in my chat list. Thanks, Sunny. Plus please…

Suggestion #385
When you delete a post, you may regret it and want it back, therefore you should provide a process where users can revert it within 24 hours. This ca…

Suggestion #384
Provide the option to See more or less of a particular post, for example, I don't want to see posts similar to X, then it will update the algorithm to show the…

Suggestion #383
When I've acknowledged a post in tab which is open, the notification sticks, therefore it needs to go when I've viewed the post (know I've viewed the post),…

Suggestion #382
Post looks great on mobile, but not so good on desktop

Suggestion #381
Presentation on login

Suggestion #380
Refer to screenshot, Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #379
Make accessible... Safe ways to do things...

Suggestion #378
Activity log: mobile browser - to be able to search like desktop.

Suggestion #377
When posting, it shows two posts (the same post), but then when viewing my profile, it shows one. Then when on News Feed, viewing a friends post, it shows…

Suggestion #376
Picture login mobile browser - when saying no, it is showing up on log out.

Suggestion #375
Scrolling: When landing on my profile, sometimes it doesn't scroll using Edge with the up and down arrows, therefore it's either Edge or a scripting error…

Suggestion #374
Sharing post: review and make post look better in desktop mode:…

Suggestion #373
App: Windows: Scrap the app, it doesn't provide basic functionality and therefore needs either updating or redirecting to the browser. Thanks,…

Suggestion #372
To be able to add files to a status. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #371
Page Header (Page, Messages, etc) is stretched to 100% width, which doesn't look right. Please realign. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #370
Newsroom: Videos not available for Facebook's 12th birthday on the story, which is a part of Facebook's history. Update the page and enforce a setting…

Suggestion #369
Asyou can now upload video profile pictures, you should also be able to have a slideshow cover option, only showing the next cover when the user reques…

Suggestion #368
When clicking notifications, it was trying to open the Windows app, due to a setting in Edge (I believe this was triggered through an Edge/Windows upda…

Suggestion #367
Why have timeline technology in activity log but not in a profile. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #366
When seeing a friend has posted x amount of photos on Instagram and clicking to see them, it takes me to Instagram homepage and doesn't land on the…

Suggestion #365
Unable to video call

Suggestion #364
Sometimes, notifications try to open the Windows 10 app, when I'm in the browser, kind of annoying really. Please can you resolve this issue. Thanks…

Suggestion #363
Hashtag: when searching it (landing on the hashtag page), the status box is not present, however when clicking the hashtag in a status of mine, it…

Suggestion #362
On News Feed and other pages, mobile browser windows - on scroll down, hide the header, but on scroll up, show header. This will ensure navigation …

Suggestion #361
To be able to go into News Feed Preference Mode (setting) to allow you to flag news stories you want to or don't want to see. Green/Red flag system.…

Suggestion #360
Please include 3 options with a message button for each request. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #359
Activity Log: To be able to see posts I've made to websites such as MSN (posts to websites...) and to also view posts I've made to friends (1. statuses 2.…

Suggestion #358
To edit a video, by allowing the user to add more photos or videos to that video uploaded. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #357
As previously suggested, users should be able to turn on/off comments on each post they post. Today, it appears Facebook seem to be testing this…

Suggestion #356
Platform: Mobile, if screen is portrait and big enough, allow header to be fixed. It's important to have access to navigation at all times. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #355
The profile provides you with the ability to document things you're working on ect, however once you've posted a number of other things, that post…

Suggestion #354
About: When trying to add a date to my page and use the drop down boxes to select the year, month and day, It allows you to scroll up, but closes the…

Suggestion #353
If link is then show page preview. Thanks, Sunny. Example:…

Suggestion #352
Hovercards: Overflow issue: if too big to show up and downwards, then show on left if possible or right. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #351
Why is it important to show how many friends one has, but not relevant to show how many posts one has. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #350
Facebook Page: Investor Relations tab returning not found error. Refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #349
Mobile Browser: Update "Intro" to include a break line underneath it to enforce better presentation. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #348
When accessing my profile from my personal website, it loads up and removes padding on the posts. This has been happening for months now! Thanks,…

Suggestion #347
Urgent: unable to view active contacts and unable to carry over open chat tabs when going into the new messenger view. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #346
To be able to see my profile picture, my name and user actions underneath the status box as a quick action to my profile on load. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #345
As a status update, not an album. To be able to convert a post into an album and to view the post in an album view (menu). Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #344
I understand that Facebook wanted to segregate the platform and messenger and did this with the idea that it would provide an app to users who just want to…

Suggestion #343
For saying that you enforce Active contacts to be seen throughout most of the interface, you should at least show them all the time, when you're in…

Suggestion #342
Messenger (New): Unable to add new line, please bring back the feature on enter (post) tick box option, so at least users can create paragraphs and…

Suggestion #341
Mobile Browser Windows 10: Unable to add videos and photos into a status, but can on desktop, nor does it give you the option (menu) to add photos to a…

Suggestion #340
About: To be able to add Facebook as other accounts associated to the page. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #339
Desktop: Short Description/Long description (if no short description) should be presented at the top of the page, when you land on a page, you should…

Suggestion #338
Profile partially loading - refer to screenshot (Chrome & Edge). Been occurring for the last 10 minutes. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #337
At first, I really didn't like the idea of the BIG TEXT statuses, however have come to like it. However, I also do like small text statuses which are short…

Suggestion #336
Desktop: Left and Right column juddering on scroll down and up. Thanks.

Suggestion #335
When the box is highlighted and the background is dimmed, this provides no functionality or benefit to the user, if anything it complicates the process,…

Suggestion #334
Desktop: You may want to edit a post, however if you do not modify it after clicking edit, it should know you've not wrote anything and not display with the…

Suggestion #333
After viewing my page as 'visitor' from the more menu, then returning back to the admin view, the right column overflows on the cover, unless I reload the…

Suggestion #332
Major: When clicking to view my notification in Edge, it tries to open the Windows 10 Facebook app to view it, but doesn't load the app properly…

Suggestion #331
For some statuses such as, "what's the weather like?" or "how do I get to X?", the user should be given an option to set an expiry deletion/archive for tha…

Suggestion #330
To be able to allow users to ask questions from their status area, to anyone and to ask whether they want to post it on 1. Their profile and intende…

Suggestion #329
Feedback: Can you please add a search box in the Support Inbox, so I can search for any updates I may of have already submitted, which in turn,…

Suggestion #328
Desktop: To be able to write a post and be able to respond to messages and then continue with the status after, rather than asking to exit status or contin…

Suggestion #327
Best solution for BIG TEXT statuses: On/Off easy switch on every post when editing and option to do when posting, as I see Facebook are determined on…

Suggestion #326
Refer to screenshot. It feels like a dark place when focused on status area.

Suggestion #325
Reactions not working on latest Windows app and when using the option to submit feedback, it only allows me to submit via UserVoice, when …

Suggestion #324
If video begins auto play and user clicks fullscreen, between the first 0-10 seconds, automatically reload the video to 0, as users have to…

Suggestion #323
Browser: Edge not fully supported for 2 things 1. 360 videos (by the way, I can watch 360 videos on youtube in Edge) and 2. video calling. Thanks, Sunny.…

Suggestion #322
If View As has any value on a Profile, then should it be either removed from the Profile or also be incorporated into the Page too. Good for admin owners.…

Suggestion #321
To allow the user to choose checkbox for 'Allow comments' on posts - this will provide people with the option to document things they do or don't want peopl…

Suggestion #320
App: Unable to delete threads in inbox nor do basic commands present on desktop.

Suggestion #319
Refer to screenshot presentation issue on the left column.

Suggestion #318
Add code to check if "Studied at..." beginning with "University of X", to adjust it to say "Studied at the" unless the university is "The University of X".…

Suggestion #317
To be able to edit a post and then react to any chats without losing the update. Thanks.

Suggestion #316
For a post which looked beautiful as a post on its page, doesn't look so appealing once it's shared. Refer to screenshot. Please update format of the shared…

Suggestion #315
Plugin: Embed: unable to go fullscreen, when in an iframe, which a lot of website owners use. Thanks, Sunny. Refer to screenshot.

Suggestion #314
As you have the option to select 'Show in tab' on posts in desktop mode, you should also be able to from the notifications tab "..." > option to "show in tab" - appears to be really useful (y) Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #313
Text sizes: causing all sorts of problems, better to remove this and start again. On the page when posting, it showed it as big text, then when referring to signed out view, it shows the text as small, then after a page refresh when logged in on the page, it then showed text as small. Finally, when viewing it as a standalone post, it shows it as big text. Mega confusing! Refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny. story_fbid=553278594879812&id;=552840908256914

Suggestion #312
After submitting the following post on my profile: - with a tag in it, then editing it to add the link, so it shows a link preview (hovercard) to that page, shows it being added, however, when trying to save it, it will not hold/save. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #311
When updating my photo on the profile, it prevents the profile picture from being viewed with that newly uploaded cover. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #310
Posts (shared) As you can see in the screenshot, the profile pic of the post being shared, is slightly smaller, which 1. Doesn't provide generic profile picture sizes for posts and 2. Doesn't allow the content to align from the sharer's profile pic and the actual post. It will look better when updated. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #309
Hovercard and when sharing the post, doesn't provide beautiful presentation. Please update these containers please. Refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #308
If View As has any value on a Profile, then should it be either removed from the Profile or also be incorporated into the Page too. Good for admin owners. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #307
As a page owner and viewing Posts from the page load, doesn't show all post options, unless I view them by clicking the Posts Tab. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #306
As a page owner, you visit your page and see how overcrowded it has become with the right column, therefore it needs to be put somewhere else, like before it was put at the top (Admin Panel), which provided better presentation and functionality. Please update this, as it's nice to see the Page, as it looks to other people. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #305
When you share someone's status, they may delete it, therefore you need to anonymise the user who originally posted it, ensuring the person who posted it, can still have it on their wall. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #304
Show in tab (option for posts on profile): What is this feature, when clicking it, it doesn't do anything. Refer to screenshot.

Suggestion #303
Desktop: When viewing a post I made on a page, from the notifications tab, it redirects me to an individual page with it, however when hovering over the page, and trying to click it (the visible text), it shows the hover card only and doesn't make use of the text also being a link to that page. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #302
Comments on pages when submitting a post, then viewing it in the side column, unable to see options to edit post, unable I click the date, navigate to another page with just the comment, then edit. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #301
Refer to screenshot presentation issue on the left column.

Suggestion #300
For a post which looked beautiful as a post on its page, doesn't look so appealing once it's shared. Refer to screenshot. Please update format of the shared status, to stand out within it's container. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #299
When viewing posts I've submitted to a page in a stand alone page, then trying to delete them, it shows the delete message after clicking delete, then provides the following message, every time. Refer to the screenshot, thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #298
Problem reoccuring, unable to navigate once starting to write from the homepage. Refer to screenshot.

Suggestion #297
Plugin: Embed: unable to go fullscreen, when in an iframe, which a lot of website owners use. Thanks, Sunny. Refer to screenshot.

Suggestion #296
Year in review: To be able to provide names when selecting people, as photos may not actually be clear to see.

Suggestion #295
When sharing another status, the status being shared doesn't look too good in terms of presentation... Therefore you need to ensure the text size is the same as if I posted it as a status, make the background of a shared status change, from white to slightly white/grey blue, so it stands out and looks beautiful. Have a nice day, thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #294
Favicon: Edge: shows icon as if there is audio, although there is not, on all pages, including settings. I've tried refreshing, going to, navigating to the settings tab. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #293
Careers: to be able to link a users feedback to career applications at Facebook. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #292
As previously suggested, users should be able to turn on/off comments on each post they post. Today, it appears Facebook seem to be testing this feature with the Instagram audience, however it's not the ideal solution, as it doesn't provide users with the option to do specific posts, but all of them. Therefore the solution on Instagrams side, would be to do it on each post, as the user posts, with a tick box, comments on/off, with default settings overriding any posts. Once the results from this testing have been concluded, then Facebook should decide on whether this feature should be adopted into the Facebook platform too. As Facebook mentioned in the news today "We'll soon add a way to turn off comments on any post. Sometimes there may be moments when you want to let your post stand on its own". I look forward to this option on Facebook, alongside many others. Have a nice day, Sunny.

Suggestion #291
Updating cover: from photos of mine: sometimes after cancelling the photo, shows the photo and unable to select the camera icon to choose a different one, until I refresh the profile. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #290
On going problems: 1. When clicking my profile link, it sometimes goes back to the homepage 2. When browsing for some time, it will alter the padding on my posts, until I go to the settings panel 3. When writing a status, it will sometimes copy everything I've written, then copy it on lines beneath when I click backspace 4. Sometimes when posting, it will not show until page load. This doesn't happen on normal profiles, does this suggest Facebook are looking into my account, for e.g. tell tail signs. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #289
As the 42 photo limit causes problems when trying to post more than 42 photos/videos, then you need to either 1. lift this limit 2. provide options to convert a post of photos into an new/existing album (holding comments). Of course the best course of action is to create an album, however, when uploading lots of photos/videos, it doesn't show the uploading animation on the videos, not one, providing you with no concept of time to when they will be uploaded. On Edge Windows. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #288
Desktop: if you are playing a video on your wall, then decide to change the description, it reloads the whole post container and the video will stop. Ensure it only updates areas of the post container which are modified. This is not a major issue, but an apparent problem. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #287
For the last couple of videos I've tried to watch Live, from Mark Zuckerberg, they've not loaded any content, using Edge, however people seem to be commenting like the video is playing. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #286
A long term desktop problem: When watching/listening to a music video which is located either on the profile or on News Feed, stops on page change. Therefore you need to do 1. Ensure the currently playing video keeps playing, through a video ticker option. Or 2. Scroll up to the video playing, ask if you want to navigate away. This should apply to YouTube, Soundcloud and Facebook videos, therefore you may need to use their toolkits to control their videos. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #285
Please note, feedback should express whether it was sent from desktop of mobile on your side. When trying to upload photos on desktop and then trying to reorder them from the status box, it doesn't allow to scroll left or right when dragging a photo, have to move about 5 times to get it where I want 1 photo. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #284
still not resolved after months: Hovercard: ruins presentation of photos: refer to screenshot. Provides no justice for the page owner or the photo in view. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #283
The following post shown in the screenshot is missing the image, even on reloading the profile, however shows when just viewing that single post only. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #282
To be able to post more than 42 photos in a post. I don't get why you can in an album, but not as a status. This needs to change. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #281
Unable to read correspondences between a user: Brendan Nelson, but can search messages and see previous messages partially. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #280
I think the "X is typing" a message is a bit annoying and should be at the discretion of the user typing to hold some privacy. Times it can fail, is when you are wasting time waiting for a message, looking at it, and then someone typing could stop and then cause confusion, still waiting. It should be enough to show someone is online.

Suggestion #279
Unable to navigate when writing on desktop. Has happened before, then has been fixed and now again.

Suggestion #278
To be able to create voice note (statuses). If it provides significance in messenger, then it will provide users with another dimension in expressing their voices. You can do most things, but this needs to be on the list.Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #277
If video begins auto play and user clicks fullscreen, between the first 0-10 seconds, automatically reload the video to 0, as users have to currently restart videos. Will improve the video experience. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #276
Major: Year In Review: Needs to be better when choosing posts, the usability isn't too great and it doesn't show all of your posts, when you begin replacing things, things that were included and removed, then don't show in the list. Please provide the options to select Text posts, Videos posts, Link posts, etc. This will make it easier to use in future. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #275
Presentation issue: view screenshot near green marker. Occurs rarely.

Suggestion #274
Reintroduce Timeline technology into Pages and Profiles. It provides core navigation to these assets. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #273
When viewing a post from my timeline in a new tab (just the post) - the options to 'Hide from timeline' are not present, but only present when viewing the post on my profile timeline/activity log. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #272
I've reported this error 2-3 times now: please provide an explanation or solution please. When clicking a link to my profile from my personal website - it causes my posts to look like the following (no padding). And also expressed before, I should be able to mark feedback as not solved/solved and to be able to search through the feedback I submit to ensure I don't submit duplicate feedback, thus saving Facebook employees time. Please refer to my feedback submitted, regarding feedback. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #271
I'm a credible feedback expert for Facebook on a voluntarily basis and have submitted approx. 750+ pieces of feedback. However since creating a new account, I've noticed how you don't really account for my new feedback. The reason users can view and edit feedback, is due to my suggestion. I recommend viewing my feedback and resolving outstanding issues. Thanks, Sunny Claire.

Suggestion #270
Best solution for BIG TEXT statuses: On/Off easy switch on every post when editing and option to do when posting, as I see Facebook are determined on keeping this possibility of BIG TEXT. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #269
When writing my status with a tag @Mark Zuckerberg, it doesn't hold it and even after editting the post. Initially it shows it, but then on post/edit, it doesn't show. This hasn't happened in the past. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #268
Things reoccuring as followed: 1. Profile loads at different points (mind of its own - top/que point). 2. Profile will land on the homepage, when clicking my name sometimes 3. Padding for posts will adjust at times (sometimes looks presentable and then sometimes without padding). Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #267
I'm genuinely not happy that the text size has increased on some of my posts. Before they looked good on my profile, now they look OTT. In the next few days, if they haven't reverted back to small text, then I'll simply just delete them statuses. This is an issue. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #266
This has been happening for the last year on this and a previous profile. Refer to screenshot. Occurs after a while of writing, then pressing either 'Enter' or 'Backspace', new lines copied appear. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #265
To be able to drag and drop an image into the cover area/profile picture area as a quick upload option. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #264
What's the point in an "Intro" if it doesn't show up on your profile on Mobile. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #263
Update "What's on your mind?" to "What would you like to share with your friends today?" - Sometimes it's easy to post things on your wall and forget you have an audience. This update will enforce people to write better quality statuses and even deter them from writing things they wouldn't of, being confronted they were writing to each friend. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #262
Update on existing mentioned problem: (please note I should be able to add details to previous feedback) - The problem: Text padding on posts in News Feed, for small text, however big text seems to hold its own padding therefore looks normal. Refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #261
When on the page, the panel on the right judders when scrolling down the page, using the down key. This may occur on other pages too.

Suggestion #260
News Feed: When writing a status, then trying to access things outside of the box, such as chat, doesn't allow you to, presenting you with two options... 1. Discard Post 2. Go to post. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #259
Two videos playing at the same time is a nuisance, even if it is user conflicted and we all go there at some point. Therefore you need to ensure you use YouTube's toolkit to tackle this error on YouTube videos and then you need to ensure you do the same for Facebook videos too. If 1 video is playing, then ensure on next play click, previous playing video stops. This is only a desktop error and you could utilise on the ticker area to show currently playing video. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #258
Facebook need to provide better search functionalities for videos. 1. Create a new internal company (Facebook Videos - - which will tackle competition and provide people with a way to access videos regardless whether they are signed in or registered. 2. On this video portal, which should look like a Facebook product, should provide advance searching tools, following, commenting and sharing options. 3. Must provide the ability for users to create playlists. 4. Incorporate Facebook Live videos 5. Provide a professional format types for video uploaders. This is the only way to tackle competition and boost the stock price at this time in history. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #257
To be able to write a status about a particular topic/story, then to be able to add to it, like add additional statuses to the original status. This will allow people/news corps/brands to be able to add to a particular story, without making a new status, ensuring all related statuses can be updated. This will help Facebook in the realm of live commentary services. This new feature in Update my status, could be called Running Commentary or something similar... showing that more is to come. Design it like so, Head Status as normal, with area beneath comment box (read latest updates). Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #256
News Feed (new view) - unable to add life event from status box + basic things presented in the Profile status box. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #255
Cookies Policy Reminder (header - desktop) - When logging into Facebook, for example after a power cut, the reminder is shown. Although I've acknowledged this message before, it shouldn't keep reminding me about it. Therefore you need the cookie to remember that I acknowledged this reminder. Thanks, Sunny. #05081989

Suggestion #254
Feedback System: I need you to flag users like me who submit quality feedback, to ensure feedback from users like me is addressed quicker. For example, I've submitted a number of flaws which still haven't been addressed, even though you've responded to my feedback in the Support Inbox. If you filter through my feedback, there are also suggestions in improving the feedback system further. This in turn will help Facebook employees when dealing with feedback and provide users who submit feedback with better tools. Have a nice day, Sunny.

Suggestion #253
Update "What's on your mind?" to " Blank " - which makes the Profile and News Feed area look more presentable. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #252
Feedback system: needs an overhaul. Simple things such as viewing/deleting feedback was made possible through a suggestion I made. Now the next step would be to allow you to 1. Search through feedback 2. Include resolved/not resolved button for each piece of feedback 3. View feedback by Type/topic (drop down box) 4. Option for user to see the screenshot they've uploaded for feedback 5. Option to view feedback by others (with the Windows Insider options for example) to upvote. 6. The option to write your feedback, then see feedback from others/yourself, to ensure you don't have to make duplicate feedback (saving time for both Facebook employees and the feedback submitter). All of this shouldn't take more than a day to complete and will help Facebook shape its future. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #251
The status area which is shown in news feed should be the same as the one on your profile or vice versa - to ensure users know the same controls when using this feature. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #250
When on an app, the header does not stay fixed, therefore you need to make it fixed, with the option to hide (up arrow) and then present just a show (down arrow). This is because I need to be able to search with ease and access other header options. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #249
URGENT: Chat - Desktop - Still unable to view my last contact, due to Search box overflow. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #248
Logging in: Using Edge: Cookies are allowed through browser settings and after logging in with the correct details, the following message is shown - refer to screenshot - has happened twice in the last 2 weeks. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #247
Urgent: Unable to report adverts. No hoverover X symbol displayed. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #246
Feedback System: For users which submit quite a bit of feedback, may have already expressed feedback before, therefore Facebook have to view multiple feedback which are the same, wasting Facebook employees time and the person submitting it, therefore, you could incorporate a feature within here, which begins to detect what you are writing and show anything similar you've submitted previously. You could also make the submission area (text area) show up in Support Inbox, when you click Report a Problem. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #245
Still unable to view the last contact on the list. Refer to screenshot. Thanks Sunny.

Suggestion #244
Unable to " '@Tag' ", can only " ' @Tag' ". Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #243
Comments: When posting to an english post in Arabic, I'm not able to translate the comment using Facebook's built in tool. Therefore as you can translate statuses, you should also be able to translate the comments in that status too, to you native default language, even if it was you or another user that posted in a different language. Refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #242
Urgent: Down and Up key not responding on Edge. Thanks, Sunny

Suggestion #241
As previously expressed, when receiving a notification for feedback from Facebook, the notification area shows the loading symbol and even when clicking "View all notifications", I have to wait some time/refresh the page a number of times to then see my notifications. (Desktop - Browser) Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #240
To be able to add the option to add/view when my profile was created. This will help users who have made an account, deleted it and then made a new account - ensuring people know that they didn't fall out with friends or remove them as a contact. Refer to the screenshot to where this date should be added. Or the obvious solution would be to incorporate Timeline technology back into the profile. Thanks. Sunny.

Suggestion #239
You can update a link on Profiles but not on Pages, therefore you need to incorporate this into pages. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #238
Presentation issue: Header: Notice how the Headings in Messages (drop down) is capitalised, also the same for Friend Requests and Notifications. Refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #237
When watching a video on someones profile and then poking them, it pauses the video. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #236
When you post a status, you want that status to have an impression, without the comments influencing how people perceive that status differently. Therefore you could potentially offer users the option in future to choose users to view comments manually, rather than automatic, on my posts. Although it's great to show comments automatically. This setting could be implemented in 'Timeline & Tagging'. This is turn will provide users with super tidy profiles, which represent a true image of that person, which they initially want you to see. This in turn can then save server power for Facebook, which is $$$ and only load comments when you click like/share/interact. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #235
Provide Competition option for Pages when writing a status: on click "Offers/Events". Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #234
Unable to change audience - refer to screenshot. Only allows you to select audience before clicking into status area (focused), not after writing something. Thanks, Sunny. (Windows - Edge - Desktop)

Suggestion #233
Urgent: Integrate messenger back in to Facebook Mobile (optional - keep messenger too) Thanks Sunny.

Suggestion #232
Posts on Desktop: When reading a post then click 'See More', I'm redirected to a new page to continue reading. I'm simple "Thrown off". I had a reading flow as I was reading that particular post and need to continue from the point I was last at, instead of reading the story again, therefore there's two solutions, 1. to simply "see more" without redirect or 2. to redirect and provide a text marker from the text just before the 'See more' button. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #231
To allow the user to choose checkbox for 'Allow comments' on posts - this will provide people with the option to document things they do or don't want people to comment on. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #230
Error: Try logging into my account as a test user, then use a desktop with the latest version of Windows insider, then go to my website using Edge, to click the link which links to my Facebook profile and notice how it pauses on load for about 2-3 seconds, then makes the padding of the post look as followed - refer to screenshot. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #229
App - Windows Mobile (latest version) - When uploading a video this evening, it just keeps closing the app. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #228
(Desktop) - When clicking the notification icon, then scrolling into the App area, it prevents the Notifications area from hiding, but only hides from clicking areas away from the App area. The same must also occur for Messages too. Solution: On mousedown app area, hide notification drop down box. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #227
Hovercards are overflowing, therefore unable to view the full card. Please resize height and if you want to add more content to that hovercard, then expand sideways. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #226
When reading posts on mobile, it doesn't redirect you to another page, when clicking read more, therefore it shouldn't on desktop for long stories. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #225
Profile: Cover and Profile Photo, please move the edit button, so I can see my profile in full mode. (mobile - app). Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #224
As you can't create a Group and learn how to get to use it, without adding another group member. You should be able to either 1. Allow users to create groups without adding a member, so they can learn how to get used to it or 2. allow users to test out Groups or even Pages, when you initially create a Group or Page. This test feature can also be iterated throughout other features at Facebook too, for e.g. when creating an advert. This could be a new feature called 'Sandbox' for general users (similar to of that used at, where you can then test out Groups, Page, Adverts, Apps (as anonymous user of the app/or to create an app), Events, + more. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #223
Covers: (desktop - browser) Over the last 48 hours, I've noticed the photo cover position change back and forth, loading the profile from the top of the profile to loading it from a cue point. Is it using a timer or are developers at Facebook changing this setting back and forth? Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #222
I would like to submit a status with multiple links, therefore you need to provide the option to make a collection of links. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #221
Unable to see last friend on chat list - refer to screenshot, just increase padding at the bottom or provide empty slot at bottom. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #220
Life Event: When you are about to post a life event, you know what the life event is and want to immediately begin writing about this new life event. Whereas with the current life event options, you have to 1. select a category, then 2. decide on the best sub topic for that. Therefore to make the process easier and smoother, the status box should begin to understand commands and act upon that. For example, I type "Travelling... ", "Travelled...", "I've just travelled to..." should automatically provide an area beneath what I've typed to add more detail to that life event. This in turn, will allow the user to instantly begin writing about their life event, remove the need to select and identify category/topic and allow users to document certain statuses as "life events", which they would of not done before. In addition to this, when you click life event, you should be presented with a search box or text area "The name of your life event...", therefore as you type, it will again, pull up the relevant fields and allow you to document it straight after you click "Life Event". Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #219
Photo Cover: Desktop: Today I noticed that the profile loaded from the top of the page, which was reverted about an hour later to load at it's current cue point (showing half of the cover photo), which allows you to see the first post on the profile. As previously expressed, you should be able to land on someone's profile and see their full cover, therefore you need to load from the top of the profile, then after 2-3 seconds, allow the profile to automatically scroll into the current cue point, revealing the first post and showing the first post. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #218
Desktop: Not only does it look dark when clicking in to write a status, but you have to click out of the box to respond to any messages, whereas before, you didn't have to click out of it, to respond to a message a friend has sent. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #217
Status area goes dark on click (desktop): please conduct a scientific test to work out how it affects the retina, if you really intend on keeping this dark feature. If it proves to be okay, then keep it, if it proves to be eye straining, then revert back to how it was before. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #216
Unable to update date in to the future... for the post... 81 Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #215
Browser: Edge not fully supported for 2 things 1. 360 videos (by the way, I can watch 360 videos on youtube in Edge) and 2. video calling. Thanks, Sunny. Ref 31729/

Suggestion #214
Refer to 882311994/ to see this simple user input/presentation error. Thanks. Sunny.

Suggestion #213
Covers: As you can see my profile cover fits in perfectly on desktop but not so great on mobile. Can you provide a way to show a preview for both devices which updating your cover (optional setting on upload). Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #212
Mobile App, to be able to see the intro on my profile, when i view it and other profiles of course. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #211
Major: Mobile Windows App, Reactions overflow. View screenshot

Suggestion #210
When on my profile and wanting to refresh my profile by clicking my name from a post on the page, it redirects to instead of my profile. This has occurred previously on other accounts and now on this account. What's the logic behind this error? Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #209
Refer to screenshot. It feels like a dark place when focused on status area.

Suggestion #208
Advert system: I chose to not see a specific advert, yet its still showing. Why why why!

Suggestion #207
Trending: only shows the name of what's trending and I understand you've done that, so people don't see negative content in this area, however you need to adjust this feature.

Suggestion #206
Trending: only shows the name of what's trending and I understand you've done that, so people don't see negative content in this area, however you need to adjust this feature.

Suggestion #205
To be able to restore any page you've previously deleted on your account, including options to restore posts on a page too. (Maybe add security, so you have to use a mobile code to restore them) Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #204
Adverts - Unable to report (no x option) on some sponsored adverts. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #203
As there is lots of different types of content in News Feed now, it's time to provide users with the option to select different types of content using a simple Drop Down box, showing options "Text; Images; Video; +" and another Drop Down box in conjunction with it showing content from "Friends; Pages; Apps; +". However, when you return to News Feed, it should reset to default "View All". Doing this will allow users to see the content they want to see and also allow Facebook to understand the content the user wants to see more. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #202
Hovercards: When hovering over a Page name, the hovercard loads up, but it looks a bit overcrowded, it only looks good on a few Pages. Therefore you need to update it, so every Page looks good, when viewing their hovercard. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #201
Messenger, shows (1) yet I have no messages whatsoever. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #200
When visiting my profile from my website (, I notice how the formatting of the posts on my wall change. Refer to screenshot. I've tried it several times today and when loading my profile, it pauses for about 2-3 seconds on header, then loads the rest of the content. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #199
Move the edit button please. Thanks, Sunny

Suggestion #198
Settings: You should be able to define whether people you're not connected to, can like, comment, or share posts of yours, using a simple checkbox system. You can go one further by defining this for friends and followers as well. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #197
Refer to screenshot and see how "More Contacts (1)" is shown, yet no contact is visible. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #196
Adverts, - this App Advert - I was unable to report it directly. The advert reads "Feel like killing Nazis?" - I know it's a game, but it's offensive and shouldn't of been accepted as an advert. View the screenshot to see. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #195
If you can help the way people post, then they are more likely to post positive things and things they want to keep on their wall. If you can make the status area a happy area and an area which supports people who are feeling down, then you're onto something quite great. Not only should you apply a solution here, but you should make it known to the world that you've applied a solution. This in turn, will educate people about the status area and teach the importance of using Facebook the right way. A great example would be to change "What's on your mind?" to "What would you like to share with your friends...". Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #194
To be able to view how many posts I or another user has. I think that it provides justification to a user. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #193
Rooms: Facebook need to provide an area to it's users to discuss things about "Politics" or other subjects, rather than having rants on their wall/pages/groups, which only go as far as their "connections". It's this time in history where people feel hopeless, but want to express their ideas/solutions and opinions, where action can be followed up. It could be called something like "Feedback Topics". Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #192
When selecting "Message Requests" then going off to do other things on the network, then returning to view messages, it appears I have no messages in my inbox, when I do, as it remembered that I was still viewing "Message Requests", therefore when you click the Message button, make sure it switches back to the main inbox. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #191
Desktop (Edge - PlayStation Video): After a video plays, it ends, then I try and navigate to the 'Full screen' button, but notice that it's not present, until I hover over the area it's supposed to be. Therefore the update requires to show controls after the video plays, so I can return to News Feed with ease. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #190
As Facebook allows users to sell things in Groups and Pages, it makes sense to make it easier for users of Facebook to sell things, by including the feature within a status. If Facebook intends to earn decent revenue and wants to impress its investors, then this is the next move, before Christmas fall. In return, users can easily post things to sell, Facebook gains more traffic, sellers will want to focus more on delivering products through Facebook and it could potentially prove to be more greener compared to today's way of second hand sales. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #189
Header: When clicking my name, it sometimes doesn't load my profile, but takes me to News Feed instead. I've noticed this on previous accounts. Therefore it could well be a load error or a tell tail sign something isn't working with my account. Not only has it done it from fhe header, but it has also done it from clicking my name in the past, from posts. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #188
When liking, I want it to be super responsive, regardless of connection or computer specs. Scripts usually slow processes of a website down, therefore you may want to evaluate them, to eliminate any slow running scripts. For example, I'm clicking like and ready to view the next post, but only until I return to mouseover that post, it's finally acknowledged the like. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #187
Posts, when clicking like on a post, sometimes it takes a while to acknowledge it, then you end up clicking it twice, which unlikes the post, then you have to like it again. Therefore the solution to this problem is to make sure that after it's selected, to prevent 'unliking' the post for 2-3 seconds, unless you hold down to change emotion or the other solution is to make the like area move to the right, then the comment tag to appear on the left, where the mouse was last. This in turn, will help improve server requests, eradicating a simple error. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #186
Politics is destroying the way people post; indeed they should post what they think, however it makes sense for Facebook to deliver the correct measures to support its user base. My suggestion is as followed: I think you should allow users to create different post types, for example, if it's a music post, I want it to go on my music wall and if it's a work related post, I want it go on my work wall. Beyond this, I should be able to view each wall or all of my posts. In addition, users should be able to create different wall types and choose who sees specific walls. The benefits are huge for both Facebook and the user, for example, users will feel more at home with their profile and Facebook will understand posts better, a great step forwards for AI and better features. I remember the days when Facebook was in it's infancy, when I could browse music posts which I had posted on my wall, separate to all of my posts. It was such a great feature, I could jump to all of my favourite music that I had posted.

Suggestion #185
There's a major issue with presentation, new posts which are short, show big text size and old posts which are short show small text size. You need to either focus on one text size across the board, or keep the text size as normal, which most people prefer. In addition, the big text makes posts and the post holder look tacky. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #184
App: Unable to delete threads in inbox nor do basic commands present on desktop.

Suggestion #183
In Microsoft Edge, the like button is not showing up in Chat, which has been doing this for a couple of months now, which is to do with Windows 10 not being able to update to (OS Build 10586.122), however after installing the update, the like button is appearing in Edge again (as Edge was part of the update). The screenshot shows how it was outputting the information before. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #182
Settings: Name, unable to us " ' " character in name, when it's used in many real names. Please adjust this so people who use the " ' " in their name can now use it. For example a lot of Irish names use the " ' ". Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #181
Links on Edge Mobile, unable to see video image preview. Screenshot shows.

Suggestion #180
The LIKE button is not working!!! Please refer to this screenshot, as yesterday, I liked this photo and now it shows I haven't liked it, this is now occurring on Desktop, not just mobile as previously expressed. What's going on Facebook? This is kind of freaky. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #179
Reactions: As expressed before, there should also be an option to cover "Just 'Sympathize' and to also express 'Arrr/Awe'" - that way users can express reactions to any type of status, because today, even the Reactions doesn't cover every type of status. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #178
Text issue, browsing on mobile Edge

Suggestion #177
Text sizes for mobile browsers needs updating slightly, from picture statuses to text statuses, text size is different, maybe done on purpose to differentiate, but for a mobile device, it should be the same, including different text sizes for adverts, Instagram or shares. Using Edge on Windows Phone 10.

Suggestion #176
When scrolling through my profile, I noticed it says missing something? Although I'm not, it brings negative annotations to the experience. Can you please make this a bit more uplifting. Like, Add a Life Event. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #175
When opening a new message, i'm unable to go into Full Conversation mode, therefore New Message requires the Setting button, from the moment go. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #174
Unable to upload both a photo and video into one post. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #173
Navigation: required to be able to come back to Facebook home, without opening another tab or editing the address bar. Everything else returns to the same window. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #172
Feedback: suggests I have 'X' amount of pieces of feedback listed, some of which are the most important (latest ones), maybe a timescale of acknowledgements maybe appreciated for users like me, who deliver feedback to facebook on a daily basis or maybe an expression of urgency parameters set. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #171
Unable to create video: EDGE

Suggestion #170
ADVERTISING: Updated Required! Page Owners: who receive the link prompt: on Edge receive a page without the video loading. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #169
When clicking this notification on mobile, I noticed that it loaded the page, but didn't identify the mention on which post. This was using the native window phone 10 app, I've recently been checking for updates, however notice there aren't any for facebook recently, is that correct? Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #168
Posts: To encourage the feeling of being able to see your status be a 'Life Moment', creating more meaning of their post, making the posting community more relevant. Today, people just post so easily, not knowing it's a 'Life Moment'. I think this will entice a more marketing intelligence and user experience. Thanks, Sunny, Have a nice day (y) < Did that '( y )' to into a thumbs up? The feedback team.

Suggestion #167
Facebook for Business: When being navigated away from the Facebook platform, the Business area doesn't allow you to click back to the Platform, therefore a button is required to be able to navigate back. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #166
Careers: To be able to view applications I've submitted to Facebook and to have a dashboard dedicated to that. Have a nice day, Mr Sunny Claire.

Suggestion #165
Posts: As you can save a draft for posts in Pages, it's also logical to do the same for profiles, as it is just as beneficial; just like Pages, you may be writing a long status like Mark Zuckerberg and may just want to return to it at a later date to add a little more character. I believe it will also play in hand when someone doesn't think the post is appropriate for their audience, but wants to hold onto the post, for personal reasons. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #164
Feedback: To be able to express feedback in one place completely, rather than just 'General Feedback' or 'Something isn't working'. That way users like me can see the feedback for both within the 'Support Inbox'. Furthermore this needs to be expanded for 'Developer Feedback' so that is also documented in the 'Support Inbox'. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #163
MS Edge only with cache cleared: As you can see, this is how it looks when I try to share the link, but the link beneath it shows how it's outputted. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #162
I think my account is playing up: refer to the last 10 pieces of feedback please: Posts: which I've liked before, show I haven't liked them, then I'm liking them again. What could trigger this. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #161
Lastest Status: someone posted on it and it automatically showed it as hidden, which I did not do. Therefore can you tell me what happened here and I was also wondering whether the poster could of made it hidden. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #160
Sympathy Options: Needs revising slightly, because as I may actually feel Angry or Sad about a post, I may not want to appeal that emotion on the person, making them feeling more sad or Angry about the issue. The direct solution would be to include just a Sympathy Action/Emotion with no actual emotion attached to it or smiley (to sympathise).Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #159
After receiving and responding to my post on desktop, I'm receiving a notification on mobile, about 5 minutes later.

Suggestion #158
Mobile: Unable to modify Group Settings in mobile or needs to be more visible. Thanks, Sunny

Suggestion #157
When trying to upload 100 photos to an album, I keep getting the validation message pop up, explaining to click the pictures with X in them. I'm unable to upload using Edge or the Facebook App on Windows. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #156
USING WINDOWS 10 EDGE, when sharing the following link and then selecting a different image to use with the arrow keys, the post doesn't remember which picture I selected. Test the link: Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #155
Donate: Feature needs to be more accessible and built within the core platform, for example show donate options where you show Advert column near News Feed. As a company as large as Facebook, it needs to be representing the people and their agendas. With the Syrian conflict occurring at the minute, people need to be able to support the cause; although I don't have any money, i'm still willing to donate to this cause. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #154
The new 360 view doesn't work in Microsoft Edge. Please note that you should be building your partnership as a company with Microsoft, as Microsoft owns a % in the Facebook business, so please fix numerous errors on this front! Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #153
Advertising: When paying with 'Pay Now Instead', it still shows that my current balance hasn't been paid, although it has come out of my bank. This needs to be updated. Thanks, Sunny. (Please also note that 'Include a screenshot with my report' - feedback isn't still working on Microsoft Edge - update required)

Suggestion #152
Unable to send Files using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Suggestion #151
When writing a status, then editing it through points of it - I notice that I'm unable to create a new line (enter key), unless I refresh the page and rewrite. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #150
How do I search for videos on the Facebook Network? This features needs to become a dominant feature.

Suggestion #149
Priority Low: Upon boosting a Post on my Page, the 'Act as Page' feature becomes unavailable, unless I refresh the Page. Please also allow Feedback to specify Priority of Feedback (Did the screenshot go through? Microsoft Edge requires attention!). Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #148
Support Inbox: Allow users to manage their feedback more appropriately. If I look through my Support Inbox, it's not categorised, yet it's categorised when I post feedback. This will allow other users like me to sift through feedback easier, rather than having to scroll through many pieces of feedback to check the status of them. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #147
Intro: needs to blend better with About information. Example, use an icon next to it and left align the intro. Still keep the Intro icon above this too. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #146
Mobile: Facebook App and Messenger - Although it may be beneficial when accessing the two individual apps for their specific purposes, it seriously makes sense to have both apps in one as well. It may be worth returning back to one app or to allow users to use the third app (news feed + messenger). Opinions show that the existing method is confusing for users. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #145
Navigation (Page, Messages etc) appears to be blurred a little. Using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.


Suggestion #144
Why should a Page have a Pin privilege, when a Profile doesn't have one? It's clearly beneficial for Page users, therefore it would also be for most Facebook users. (This collection of your pins over time, can then be seen over the year, as your most pinned times - giving the user more preference of view) This technology will then function inline with Year in Review (for more relevance).

Suggestion #143
Just tried uploading 75 photos and it only uploaded 3 photos. Using Microsoft Edge.

Suggestion #142
To be able to upload like a 1000 photos in one go and for it to automatically put the photos in timeline order, by looking at when the photo was taken (time stamp).

Suggestion #141
Microsoft Skype (Partner of Facebook) does not work in Microsoft Edge. Any reasons why?

Suggestion #140
Just received a notification about a friend sharing a status, although I do not have 'Get Notification' for this friend.

Suggestion #139
When not signed in, it looks like this screenshot on Windows 10 - Chrome. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #138
Open up Charity Relief Donate Button in News Feed for Syrians who are suffering. I'm surprised I've not seen it yet.

Suggestion #137
Microsoft Edge (I've consulted with the Edge Feedback System) explaining that when you switch Tab, it reloads content in Facebook every time I flick tabs. Please consult with Partner: Microsoft to fix this major error. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #136
Text box should change Value to 'Nothing' on click, enabling you to continue with search, rather than having to delete your name on the profile, before being able to search.

Suggestion #135
Christmas Preparation (Marketing): 'Going to buy'... The 'Doing' feature needs to be more accessible to users over the Christmas season.

Suggestion #134
Menu Layout - Complete consolidation of Menu options: 'Report a Problem', 'Help' & 'Support Inbox' to just show 'Support'.

Suggestion #133
When receiving a notification from Facebook (Supoort Inbox), it makes the loading notifications pause for about 10 seconds, so I'm just waiting for it, when it normally takes 1 second to see the notifications after clicking it. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #132
Careers: Can I request for you to look into my applications at Facebook: In doing so, please evaluate my existing feedback via the Support Inbox and products I've also designed for Facebook via - As I've committed a lot of time into delivering feedback to Facebook, I would appreciate it if Facebook could at least return the favour and now give me feedback on my applications. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #131
"See First" needs to be marketed to users a bit more, in order to deliver users with the most convenient posts on News Feed. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #130
Auto Load New Stories - Scrolling upwards is kind of refreshing but is better when you scroll downwards on stories. The Like button then needs to be available at the top of the story if you scroll up on stories (as some images push the Like, Comment & Share feature out of the way - so they need to be available in order). SCREEN SIZE CHECK, Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #129
Bring back Microsoft Bing Search through facebook / connect closer together with Bing Search. Microsoft owns a 5% stake in Facebook, therefore the partnership should be continuously strengthened. +USERS get search results from the Facebook Search Box.

Suggestion #128
When writing to someone and leaving the Chat Box open. Then returning back to the computer to see facebook, the Message Notification is shown in the Header. Therefore it looks like you've got a new message, from someone else. So it needs to prompt you on the Chat Box which is already open. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #127
Please update the following error: 'Studied at' to 'Studied at the' using an IF statement if Education begins with University, so it makes sense. Presentation is key for a user like me and I'm even considering taking it off my profile, just because it doesn't make sense. I've mentioned this update in the past, it would be nice to see this grammar error fixed. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #126
View formatting of Page, Messages, Notification header. It's been out of line for weeks now. Using IE on Windows 8.1. Computer has been restarted and all browser history and cache has been removed.

Suggestion #125
Careers: Advertised positions explain that the closing date has gone past, but the position is still visible.

Suggestion #124
Careers: On click on country location, to scroll to the top of the Page and to maybe automatically encourage automatic search.

Suggestion #123
Careers: Bullet point #1 in Responsibilities requires context, as this is occurring with a lot of positions I'm viewing.

Suggestion #122
Adverts: When Boosting a Post from the 'Create An Advert' button, then creating a new post from the Advert Page to be used and then upon finishing your advert, it shows that the advert was created. However, when trying to navigate away from the Advert Page, it then prompts me to Stay or Leave This Page, when it shouldn't.

Suggestion #121
Messages: Inbox looks like the following on Windows 8.1 using IE. Vertical Align = Top required.

Suggestion #120
Notification is not clearing 'Mark All As Read' also does not clear it either.

Suggestion #119
This notification isn't clearing.

Suggestion #118
Advertising: Just clicked the Create An Advert button and it shows the following screenshot.

Suggestion #117
When you get a notification, it automatically pops up in the bottom left corner of the screen, which means you have to drop your eyes from the preferred view, which is the upper 75% of the screen, therefore, it makes sense to show the notification where an advert appears in the right column, then to return the advert back after a few seconds. That way, you get to see the notification and Facebook profits from the user looking at adverts they wouldn't normally look at.

Suggestion #116
Grammar Error: When you add a 'University' and if for example your university starts with the 'University of...', then it reads 'Studied at University of... rather than Studied at the University of... therefore you need to place a variable which includes 'the' if user adds University with name beginning 'University of...'.

Suggestion #115
Links: As previously mentioned, People & Pages should be able to update a link. In order to keep links on Facebook up to date, users need the access to the tools in order to change a link, like you can do with a status. (Just like you have edited history with posts, the same should go for links too.) - Otherwise the only solution is to recreate the post and backdate it, which is an effort.

Suggestion #114
Layout is incorrect in the Page Header (view screenshot) - solution = include code: Colspan = "+1"

Suggestion #113
I noticed that when a friend tried calling me, it said IE is an outdated version for the new version of Facebook's chat calling feature. Therefore the solution must be to allow the old version to run on IE until the new version is available to work on IE. This case should be alliterated throughout all design processes at Facebook, as we shouldn't be Browser biased, and make a version that's going to work on all browsers, eradicating this problem in the future, as it causes more development problems than it's worth.

Suggestion #112
Support Inbox: is great! However when I submit feedback via, do you think it would be appropriate to include the feedback I submit there, to go here as well, but more categorised.

Suggestion #111
Facebook URL Lint: Needs to update with prefixes: http://LINK, http://www.LINK, www.LINK and LINK, as I'm having to type to get the refreshed Meta data when I share my link.

Suggestion #110
Navigation: Gifts link visible but not working. Returns back to News Feed, this is due to this programme only being rolled out in other countries other than the UK. Until it's available in the UK, then it should become visible.

Suggestion #109
If you wanted to prepare a Group before adding users, you should be given this option.

Suggestion #108
Saved: In this mode, it shows when the Page you Saved was actually created. Do you want to show this information and is it relevant?

Suggestion #107
Option required: to be able to set photo as Cover Photo then open Box preview of Profile Photo over Cover Photo.

Suggestion #106
Stickers: Need a better way of navigating through stickers.

Suggestion #105
Chat Windows: To be able to resize them, as you sometimes want to see more content than available. (Resizable Windows)

Suggestion #104
'Undo' no longer available. As you automatically save the status to your servers.

Suggestion #103
Header: When clicking my Name in the Header from my Profile Page sometimes takes me to the Home page. Unexplainable as it shows which button I clicked (as it is highlighted).

Suggestion #102
I've noticed that some of my search results have been deleted, can you request a Facebook representative to ring me on 447891626873 as soon as possible or to message me via my inbox for further assistance.

Suggestion #101
As you can View As with Profiles, I think you should be able to with Pages too.

Suggestion #100
Notifications are showing up twice, although I clicked the notification icon, it should of cleared it, however it popped up showing I have a new notification, although it just showed the previous notification. This has happened quite a few times.

Suggestion #99
An update for Requests/Invites (a tricky but understandable one): To have Types of Notifications (1. Social Activity Notifications and 2. Apps Notifications) - If you engage with App Requests, then you will get it as a Main Notification, so you will see it. However if you do not engage with App Requests, then you will not see it come up as a Main Notification, but only see it once you click into Main Notifications, in the 2. App Notifications. Therefore we can delegate user settings (so it will adjust accordingly to user behaviour, if for instance, you start engaging with requests again, then you will get it as a Main Notification, but if you do not engage with Requests (ie clicking them), then you will not get them as a Main Notification). This will solve having the option to choose whether you can accept or decline App/Game invitations in Account Settings > Platform. In addition to this, it solves a long term problem everyone faces on Facebook, because sometimes you don't want them types of notifications and sometimes you do, it totally depends on the person's interests at the time.

Suggestion #98
I've noticed a friend share a photo on how to prevent people from sending you game/app requests... However when looking in the settings on Desktop, it doesn't show this setting. Therefore if it was shown on Desktop, I and others who solely use facebook for communication, could decide to click it. Although I understand why facebook have designed it in this way (we don't really want people to click it), it makes sense to have generic settings across the board.

Suggestion #97
After posting a Feeling, the following screenshot is displayed... This has happened twice over the week.

Suggestion #96
Adverts: when you hover over an advert, the X always flickers, so you need to upgrade the JQuery code, so it only shows after 2 seconds, like you already do with the new Pop out chat feature.

Suggestion #95
Random: Sometimes when clicking a link, it will either take me back to News Feed or back to the Page I was browsing. Instances: 1. Clicking my name on my profile from a post, it will take me to News Feed. 2. Clicking Videos on this page, it took me back to the Page, when it should of loaded the video section. Unexplainable, on IE on Windows 8.1

Suggestion #94
Newsroom: Header alignment with slideshow needs to be pixel perfect, as it is aligned correctly when you resize the window below 750px.

Suggestion #93
Calendar: To able to add a reminder for a specific day.

Suggestion #92
Posts (Links): When a website owner decides to update their domain structure, their links on Facebook then become invalid. Therefore as you can already modify posts, you should also be able to modify the link (also leaving a history of the links - to avoid confusion).

Suggestion #91
Header: The Menu button which shows you your pages and settings, is out of alignment, should be aligned closer to the left as it doesn't look as presentable as before. In IE on Windows 8.1.

Suggestion #90
Like Pages: When scrolling, the header (Top Suggestions) goes out of alignment. In IE on Windows 8.1.

Suggestion #89
Website: Please ensure that SPDY (extension) does not load in IE, as it is causing Windows & IE to crash. Ever since I've noticed this extension, IE has been crashing when I flick between tabs. Here is a document explaining how it affects IE, google may have adjusted the protocol. e11-sites-that-support-spdy-do-not-load-first-time-when-ieis-configured-to-use-a-proxy-server-and-spdy-is-enabled

Suggestion #88
Activity Log: To allow users to view Posts You've Deleted, in the activity log area. That way users could potentially restore deleted posts. However it could be a feature based on the discretion of the user.

Suggestion #87
Unable to access Chat whilst viewing the Photos, which I understand is done on purpose. However it should automatically enable the chat windows to minimize when viewing a photo, so they are not in the way. This will give the user access to chat whilst viewing a photo. Have a nice day, Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #86
Cover Photo: Needs to load at the top of the Page, because people don't scroll up when they land on someone else's profile. They scroll down. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #85
Urgent: The Like Button isn't working correctly in IE on Windows 8.1. I'm having to click the like button about 5 times to trigger the Like and sometimes it doesn't push the Like at all.

Suggestion #84
When adding a link as a status then clicking Boost post, then deciding not to boost the post. Makes the post push, when it should only push the status once you do the boost settings.

Suggestion #83
When uploading a Video on Desktop to my profile, it doesn't show on Mobile (Browser).

Suggestion #82
Cover Photo: When viewing as Profile Owner, it shows the Camera Icon and Action buttons, which prevents you from seeing the full cover, therefore you need to implement a Hover Over Cover then show buttons feature.

Suggestion #81
Cover Photo: When uploading a Cover Photo, then cancelling on preview, to then upload another Cover Photo, it doesn't load up. In Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1

Suggestion #80
When I click a photo on my Profile, I want to be able to change it from that point, as a Photo Cover or maybe a Profile Photo, therefore you need to introduce the 'More' button to give options to the user, for that photo.

Suggestion #79
On user change on Post, the Page scrolls down away from the Post. Occurs on when changing from Page Owner to User. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #78 Requires a link to bring you back to

Suggestion #77
Adverts: 1/4 of the advert is not visible on 1024 x 768 pixels width screen mode. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #76
Careers: Using Windows 8.1 on IE, the Map View when viewing locations, does not allow you to select a Marker on the Map. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #75
Alignment of 'Page', 'Activity', 'Insights' & 'Settings' bar needs to be arranged properly. It looks like this in IE on Windows 8.1 > View screen shot - Please fix this, as it looks annoying. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #74
Related Pages (When liking a Page Post) - you need to adjust the timer on when you see 'Related Pages' to Like. Because, as you scroll, you see the next post, then it disappears, because the Related Pages took too long to fade in. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #73
As you can now use keyboard letters 'C, L & S' to comment, like & share when you are focusing on a post. You now need to be able to make the post Focus automatically without clicking the post (when the post shows the blue over line around a post), so you can scroll using the arrow keys. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #72
When you've liked a Post (Page), it shows Related Pages, which can prove to be handy for people who want to discover new Pages every time they like a Page post. However it can also be annoying when you are just trying to read through posts, it would be better if the Advert Area updated, with Pages to Like, giving you a more fluid News Feed experience. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #71
Presentation - Alignment issue with the Page, Activity, Insights & Settings Bar, using Windows 8.1 on IE.

Suggestion #70
Adverts do not show properly (overflow) Issue has been reported previously, but has not been updated. Immediately update this issue. Its root of cause is due to the Profile page being slightly wider than News Feed, probably by about 15 pixels, thus why adverts do not show properly. Please refer to previous feedback too, which explains which Pages on Facebook alter width. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #69
Adverts: If you create an Icon which represents the 'Sponsored' word, people will be more inclined to read the advert, if it interests them from the moment go. You could also remove the bit where it says 'Suggested Post', to make it blend in with News Feed better. This change could potentially change Facebook's profits. An update worth doing. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #68
Two presentation issues on IE Windows 8.1: 1. The post box (Posting as Page) pushes the table (over flow issue) - maybe a Padding issue or the content in that part of the table is a bit too big. 2. When hovering over the Facebook Logo, it moves. Have a nice day, Sunny.

Suggestion #67
It's really annoying looking at notifications relating to games, when I don't play games on Facebook. Can you implement a solution for this... Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #66
After hiding a Profile Picture update, then adding a description to the Photo, it shows up on the Timeline again.

Suggestion #65
As you can already post a comment, like a post or share a post as a Page, you should also be able to Post as Page (status) from the homepage.

Suggestion #64
As I've previously added things in the years 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2013, the 'Moments from the year' still shows up for those years, even when there's no content for them years.

Suggestion #63
Adverts on Mobile (Windows Phone 7.1 Browser) - Adverts do not show image of the advert. (includes all links shared which have an image with them)

Suggestion #62
You need to enable a way for Profiles & Pages to present a Professional Wall and a Personal Wall (The option to flick between the two and a third option to view all) This will teach the Facebook community how to post responsibly and also allow them to gain control over their 'Work/Professional' profile and 'Personal profile', in one profile (using walls to segregate between the two types).

Suggestion #61
Mobile via Browser: unable to see images of links shared on my profile.

Suggestion #60
Careers & Feedback: Formatting of text when writing about Professional Summary, Awards and Voluntary Contributions, including Feedback submitted here does not allow you to maintain paragraphs, presenting a number of paragraphs in one. Unless it transfers the paragraph formatting with it, allowing Facebook employees to view it in the best format. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #59
When adding Birthday (Public) to my profile and then adding Hometown (Public) to my Profile, the Birthday assumes that I was born in my Hometown. This needs to be changed.

Suggestion #58
When changing your birthday visibility to 'Only Me', then viewing your profile as a Friend, it still shows 'Born' at the bottom of the profile.

Suggestion #57
Facebook at Work: The idea is great, but from looking at media leaks of the service, the structure doesn't appear to be new. It's almost as if you've replicated Pages Technology but for Work. The image attached will show Facebook the right way in structuring it. Please forward to the Facebook at Work Design Team. View my Facebook Portfolio at Have a nice day, Sunny.

Suggestion #56
Videos/Music/Digital: The whole network does not enable you to watch something, then navigate to the next page without interruption. Simple Solution: Create an iFrame inside the Ticker (specifically for Video), then when you hit a Video/Music/Digital link, then it opens in the Video iFrame, preventing content from stopping as you change page. Also it counter acts another issue found on the network, which is when you play one video, you can also play another video, therefore this will enable you only to play one video at a time. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #55
Suggested Posts on Desktop: Presentation issue The advert needs to be centred as if you've clicked the '>' arrow to view the next advert and the posts on either side of the advert in focus needs to show an Opacity of 50% or more so the advert in focus stands out more. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #54
Mobile: the template of a story when clicking continue reading, takes you to another page, however the header and footer is using the old template, therefore the look is not generic. Also, the same issue occurs when adding Mentions, checking in, expressing the doing feature or sharing the status, unless this move is intentional. Using Windows Phone browser. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #53
Careers: When applied the maximum amount of times for a position and already have applied for a position, the prompts appear. However when looking to search for another position via the Browse by Team & Role button, it doesn't show any content, but pulls you back up to the top of the page. Not a major issue, just a design flaw - as users can navigate to the Careers Home Page to 'Browse by Team & Role'.

Suggestion #52
It would be great if you could create reminders through Facebook, prompting either Notification or Text Message, as there is no option to make such reminder about a conversation, besides making the message 'Unread'. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #51
Related Pages (when liking a post) shows beneath the post - however they now look a bit overcrowded with the additional text of who has liked it and how many people have liked it.

Suggestion #50
When deleting text in the Search box, like changing Nike Airmax to Nike when selecting 'Airmax' to delete, automatically refreshes the current Page. (Only when the mouse moves away from the Search Box - However it allows you to remove text when the cursor is over the box)

Suggestion #49
Website Widths: Some Pages have different widths to others. The following pages have different widths to News Feed and other pages: - Profiles - Pages - Games -Messages - Saved - Gifts - Find Friends I understand that Applications have different widths, but it doesn't make sense to have other pages to have different widths. The website should follow a smooth transition from page to page. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #48
Adverts... View how adverts over flow.

Suggestion #47
Lists: It appears that there is a limit on the number of people you can add to a list... Can you lift this limit so I can add all of my friends into a list. As it would be nice to view posts from Friends only at times.

Suggestion #46
Adverts: As previously mentioned before, see the screenshot as the problem is still persisting. "Adverts at 1024 x 768 pixels screen resolution do not show correctly on the Profile page. They are slightly over hanging. Thanks, Sunny."

Suggestion #45
Activity Log: When trying to allow a post on timeline via Activity Log - I found that it wasn't being allowed on my timeline - unless I highlight post on timeline - Using the browser Opera. Thanks, Have a nice day, Sunny.

Suggestion #44
Feedback System: The last issue I reported was my error - therefore as a user - I should be able to see all of the feedback I've submitted and be able to edit or mark problem as solved or maybe remove the reported problem. Thanks, Have a nice day, Sunny.

Suggestion #43
The Facebook Design (Page) Cover in Theatre Mode doesn't allow you to scroll through the comments using (Opera Browser - Chrome Engine). Link to Cover: 6390.376384.75877461389/10150626489091390/? type=1&theater; Thanks, Have a nice day, Sunny.

Suggestion #42
When highlighting a post on your Profile page, it overflows on top of text. A solution could be to build the highlighting symbol container inside the post, then when it's highlighted, the container shows and automatically pushes the text to the next line (rather than showing container on top). Or you can redesign the highlight symbol to be shown next to the posted to audience symbol (like a Facebook blue star next to it). Thanks, Have a nice day, Sunny.

Suggestion #41
Advert Manager: Using Opera (Chrome Engine) When clicking Create Adverts from the Drop Down Menu, then selecting Page to Advertise, the frame holder over hangs out of the page therefore I am unable to scroll using the first scroller, I then have to scroll to the right hand side of the page to find the second scroller (frame 2), then I can scroll. I believe the Advert Manager needs simplifying as you can end up opening infinite amounts of frames, when really, you only need one page. Thanks, Have a nice day, Sunny.

Suggestion #40
Adverts at 1024 x 768 pixels screen resolution do not show correctly on the Profile page. They are slightly over hanging. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #39
View my profile: and view the 4th/5th post down (Quotes Mantra) and see how the picture I've shared shows the title of the image a little bit. Solution: insert 'Vertical-Align=top' to the image holder for Profile Posts that are shared. Accessed on Opera (Chrome Open Source Browser Engine) Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #38
Suggested posts on adverts are not working correctly on Windows Phone, the link and message is shown but the picture of the link is not. Also the same issue when viewing a photo on my profile which I've shared the direct image link of. Thanks, Sunny.

Suggestion #37
When adding a 'University' to my Profile... It shows 'Graduated from University of Derby' and it should really say 'Graduated from the University of Derby'. Therefore the solution would be to add an 'if statement - like if adding University with starting 'University of...' then to include 'the' before the start of it. Thanks, Have a nice day, Sunny.

Suggestion #36
When accessing Careers, then returning to News Feed - the ticker vanishes and returns the old chat system - it may be like this intentionally - but I was just checking to see if it was an error.

Suggestion #35
To Facebook, RE: Careers I've been applying to Facebook over the last few years and in the last 9-12 months when applying for careers, I've not received a 'Unsuccessful' or 'Successful' email on accounts '', I've recently created a new account '' and have made roughly about 5 applications. Therefore I would like you to look into this case and let me know why this occurred. Kind Regards, Mr A Claire.

Suggestion #34
Presentation Issue: Allow posts to align perfectly (see spacing on left doesn't equal space on the right) - Especially visible in photos.

Suggestion #33
Presentation Issue: when inserting MySpace Links as a Comment in a Post, it looks like the following... Scroll down to the third post. Thanks...


Suggestion #31
Give Options for Adverts
1. Update 'X' to... ◆ (options)
2. Save adverts to the Promotion page (The future Advert Manager)
3. Create an advert like this

Suggestion #30
Crowd Funding for Good Causes: Crowd funding was the highlight of many start ups in 2013, providing people with new ways to start new innovations. Facebook should incorporate this element in January, enabling page owners to set up crowd funding campaigns through their page. This will ensure that all social discussion is on the primary channel and it will also allow the start up to build their infrastructure around pages. When Mark Zuckerberg donates $100 to a charity, everyone can see!

Suggestion #29
Promotional Email Adverts: Within your Promotion page, you'll have access to interactive adverts that interest you. Adverts that will save you money on your next holiday or venture to a local gig. This feature will work great with 'Advert Notification Types', as you'll be able to choose the advert notification types from this page.

Suggestion #28
Advert Notification Types: As previously discussed in Week 2, advert notification types will allow you to tune into offers which interest you, providing you with notifications. For example, you can receive notifications based on the following conditions: free gifts which are related to football. You'll be able to search through various conditions that advertisers have related to their adverts and tailor how you receive these notifications.

Suggestion #27
Hashtag: New Model: Typing the following will automatically create a hashtag on Facebook:
- #ExistingHashtag
- #New Hashtag#
- !Facebook Tag!

The hashtag will then look like:
- ExistingHashtag
- New Hashtag
- Facebook Tag

This will provide a more presentable way in branding content in promotional photos and statuses. The underline will promote that the text above the underline is associated with a tag, when you intend to promote your tag in photos/videos.

Suggestion #26
Update 'Leave this page' Message: When you've wrote a message to someone, but then clicked on a link to go to a different page, the 'Leave this page' and 'Stay on this page' prompt appears, therefore it would be better if the prompt appeared above the text you was writing on the page, giving you the following options: 'Send message and go to the link you initially clicked', 'save message as a draft and go to the link' or to 'discard the message and to go to the link'. Doing it in this format will put the message you was writing at the focal point and save an extra click. Implementing this feature will improve the mobile view and can also be implemented for statuses.

The other option for this update, could be to allow you to navigate away from the Page, without a prompt, autosave the message (which Facebook have already implemented), then to mark the message as unread to provide you with a notification to show that you haven't finished with that message, allowing you to resume it.

Suggestion #25
Full Conversation Icon within the Messages Menu: When you click on a message from the Messages Inbox menu, the message loads up in a chat window, which is really handy if you intend to stay on the page that you are browsing. However it will also be great if you could click an icon from the message to open the full conversation, which will save you 2 clicks and lead you towards more messaging functionalities, such as actions and search. The icon can also be placed next to the 'Send a new message' enabling you to create your new message in full conversation mode as well.

Suggestion #24
Messaging Groups: Facebook allows you to create lists to which you can add friends to, allowing you to follow their posts. Therefore it would be even better if it was possible to send a message to a list of friends from both the list and your inbox. Currently, Facebook allows you to create Messaging Groups to which you can add friends to, name the group and add a group photo. Therefore it's logical to combine these two technologies to provide you with both the messaging capabilities and to follow their posts.

Suggestion #23
Pinning Messages: Pinning posts in Facebook has proven to be a useful feature in Groups and Pages, which enables users to see the trending post. Therefore it would also be useful if you could pin messages in your inbox, which will provide you with either a reminder for a message or a way to quickly resume a conversation from your inbox.

Suggestion #22
Search for Offers: As you can search for 'Gifts', it would also be handy if you could search for special offers, such as '50% off in store purchases'. So for example if you search for '50% off', you'll be presented with deals offering such discount, or if you search for Domino's and they were currently advertising an offer, the offer will be highlighted as a pinned post on their Page as well.

Suggestion #21
Search Posts by Me: Facebook allows you to search a wide variety of things from Pages to Public Posts, however it would also be useful if you could search your own posts, which could prove to be really handy. For example, it's approaching Christmas at the moment and it would be nice if you could search for 'Christmas' in relation to posts by you. Therefore you can look back on the previous Chrimstas statuses and see who engaged with you, giving you a reminder in who you'd like to engage with again during this festive season.

Suggestion #20
Search in Tagging: Most of the time, you'll be able to locate a page when @Searching for a page to tag, especially if you own the page. However in some circumstances when the page is very unpopular, the page does not show up when tagging, therefore it would be good to include a search field/text field to type the address of the page to locate and tag the page. For example @Tagging, list appears with text field option, type and press enter to tag the page found.

Suggestion #19
The Facebook Search Engine: Since Facebook announced their plan to tap into the search market, by introducing Graph Search to further enhance the social search service, it's time that Facebook stepped up to the mark and compete with local rivalry, such as Google. There are a number of ways in doing so, such as creating a specific search app, incorporating Facebook specific web results within the platform or to develop and publish the Facebook Browser.

The best route to ensuring success of Facebook Search would be to develop the search system within the existing platform, which will provide web results and some Facebook Pages, Groups, Events and public post results. Once this is established, it makes perfect sense to enforce the Facebook Browser, which will drive searches and provide a better user experience than existing browsers.

Suggestion #18
Search within Status: Ever wanted to search for something as you were in mid-flight in writing a status? With Search within a status, you'll be able to fetch links and specific content within them, by searching the web and simply inserting what you find within your status, without having to change page.

Suggestion #17
Advert Notifications: Allowing this to happen will hugely benefit people who are actually interested in being subject to adverts that they would like to see. For example, you will be able to subscribe to adverts that offer discounts with 50% or more off; allowing you to tailor your advert interests and support the advertiser by providing them with an audience who are more likely to click their advert. To reach out to such audience, it would cost the advertiser an additional charge, in relation to how many people receive that notification.

Suggestion #16
Notifications by Topic: Want to keep up to date on the latest trending topics, would you like to know what the most popular story is on Facebook right now, know when a friend has quit a habit, traveled or moved home? With Notifications by Topic, you will be able to add more dynamics to the types of information that you would like to see. For example, if you are a page owner, you'll be able to see what types of posts work using 'most popular story' or even keep a closer relationship with friends, knowing when they've moved house or traveled around the world.

Suggestion #15
Email Notifications: As you receive most of your notifications on Facebook each day, it will be very useful if you received your notifications for your email services via the Facebook platform, enabling you to always be up to date. This can either be done via the vendor using a Facebook app or through a Facebook tool that shows you that you've received a message from 'Company', allowing you to click it and access the message via your vendors independent website.

Suggestion #14
Text Notifications Overview for Pages (Paid): If you work within an organisation with multiple users managing a specific page or set of pages, it may just be handy if members within the organisation received an automated overview of how the Pages were performing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Therefore, anyone who is subscribed to receive this update will be informed about the social progress of the company and be able to provide feedback or praise to the members who manage this department. This will be a fantastic way to track progress of employees and reward them with incentives.

Suggestion #13
Search Notifications: As you can almost search for literally anything on Facebook, it would be pretty cool if you could also search for notifications involving specific people and keywords. This would be helpful if you are trying to locate a specific event, place or post. Resolving this issue further could also involve implementing a search feature that allows you to search through specific posts of yours.

Suggestion #12
Notifications As: As features of Pages are being developed through the interface, such as 'Share as Page', it will also be handy to easily access 'Notifications as Page' via the notification symbol. Doing this, will enable notifications to expand further and support the technology to serve Notification Reminders as previously mentioned.

Suggestion #11
Notifications for Textual Statuses: When you receive a notification for a photo post and click it, it usually opens within the same page, without redirecting away from the page that you are currently on. However when you receive a textual status notification and click it, it takes you away from the page that you were browsing on, therefore it would make sense to do the same process as photos and load the story within a frame or to provide the option to open story in a new window.

Suggestion #10
Notification Auto Grouping: If you receive a lot of notifications and have schedules for how you want to respond to your notifications, enabling this feature will allow you to view 'Notifications from Friends', 'Notifications from Groups', 'Notifications from Pages' or 'Notifications from Apps'. Therefore, you can prioritize the way you access and respond to notifications.

Suggestion #9
Rethinking 'Stop Notification': Do most users want this feature is the question? If your extremely popular or run a number of pages, then just maybe. Otherwise users who create stories, typically want their story to do well, exploit conversation and provide them with up to date feedback, so they can respond accordingly.

Suggestion #8
'Stop Notification' Reminder: As you'll be able to stop notifications for a specific story, some users may forget about the story that was not that important at the time, but possibly more important later on. Therefore, it would be ideal if you could create reminders for each story or notification, so you can visit them at a later date, in a seperate list of notifications called 'Reminders'.

Suggestion #7
'Stop Notifications': This is a new feature which is really handy for people who want to define the notifications that they receive. Personally, I think it would be better if it was presented in the following format: Notifications , as it will not take as much space and have lower negative annotation attached to each post. (An on/off icon can be used within the notification list, just like you have a circle icon to 'Mark as read', to make it look cleaner.)

Suggestion #6
Allow videos to keep playing as you switch page: Ever listened to a music video half way through, then switched page to find out the video stopped? As it's a problem for some and intentional for others. It's time that the Ticker tab introduces a video player area, therefore as you scroll down the page, the video is shown in Ticker, or if you change page, the video continues playing within Ticker.

Suggestion #5
Going from Like to Liked: Currently posts show 'Like' to 'Unlike' which is a branding issue as users who have liked posts see the 'Unlike' option. Therefore it would look far more presentable for businesses & people if it showed 'Liked'.

Suggestion #4
See more of a specific friend in News Feed: Add specific friends that you'd like to see more of, in your main News Feed. This will allow you to keep up to date with the people who matter to you from the homepage and allow the Facebook algorithm to work in conjunction with it. Although you already have options to do so, a lot of people only use the main News Feed option, therefore it will also allow them to use the other options available, such as create a Feed or List if necessary.

Suggestion #3
Create a Follow icon for posts: As you can already follow posts by hovering over a post and clicking follow post. It will be used more if users seen a button/icon, enabling them to keep up to date with the stories that matter to them. An example of a 'Follow Button' is demonstrated below which could be placed within each post. A 'Follow Post Manager' would also become a plus to this feature.

Suggestion #2
Setting a standard for Link Shortners across the web: Provide a final destination link within the 'title' attribute of a short link, allowing users to see where they will be going. For example when you hover over the following link, http://lv.fb/fb, it will show you the final destination for the link, which is in this case - useful for links that you're unsure about.

Suggestion #1
Reinventing the Hashtag: Enable spacing within the Hashtag and present them in the following format - write them like this: #This is a Hashtag# and present them like this: This is a Hashtag. Other options may also allow people to write them like this: !This is a Hashtag! This will provide people with a more presentable news feed and allow brands to create promotions in a neater format.